Crossing The Centre Line - Noob Question

Hi everyone,

I just read an article on the site that says 'Do not cross the center line. This speaks for itself. People have been killed crossing the center line during the bike leg of the triathlon. I don't care how competitive you are or how fast you want to go, never, ever do it.'

Sorry for the noob question - but what is the centre line?  I've an idea, I just want to confirm in my brain so I don't do anything stupid.



  • the line in the middle of the road that seperates the oncoming traffic, normally a DQ if its seen on a solid white line I believe

  • Thanks DK! Nice to have it confirmed. I would have written the original advice as 'avoid engaging in douchebaggery' - which would have gotten the point across I think. But this is much more specific.

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    What if you had to overtake a slow moving vehicle ?    

  • Interesting, I'd never heard this until earlier this evening when I was reading instructions for Cambridge Oly on Sunday. Penalty for non compliance is DQ. But I thought you are supposed to obey the highway code anyway? I do, which is why I am so shiteimage

  • as DB says its the highway code - its illegal to cross a solid white line so you cant overtake, solid white lines are only on sharp or blind corners and dangerous areas so it unlikey you would be behind a slow moving vehicle for very long anyway, Besides the slow moving vehicle is stilol normally faster than me image

  • Ooh, slow vehicle is below the belt as DK left me for dead in a burst of turbo speed in Nottinghamimage. LOL.

  • literally - everyone left you for "nearly dead"image

    except golden boots image 

  • Yeah, but GB was pissed, I didn't even have that excuse.

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    DK - yes far better just to say follow the Highway Code rather worry novices about some non-existent rule about not crossing the centre of the road.    Solid white line is a bit of a no no obviously but even then there are circumstances when crossing it is legal so if safe I'd do it - it's a race after all so if you'd do it in your car driving home why not on the bike during the event.

  • My understanding of the rules is the type of line is irrelevant. You do not cross the centre line.

    A guy at Outlaw was DQ'd this year for it.

  •  the only time you would probably have to cross the line is if cyclists are peloton/drafting!

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