Pirates question

Ok this is a one off post from a one off profile, that I don't plan on using after this, so that I can ask some questions while preserving a bit of anonymity.

I've been around the site and the forum since what must be the early or mid 2000s, I'm not someone who posts heavily, just when I think I've got something to contribute or might be of help.

Next year I'm planning on doing an Ironman distance triathlon. I'm planning on racing under the Pirates banner. I know what an amazing bunch the Pirates are and have met a few at some events a couple of years back.

The issue I have and the reason for the post is that I'm transsexual, specifically male to female, and started living and working as a female at the start of this year. Due to the fact that by the time I take part in a race next year I will only be 15 months on hormones, wont have had any surgery and so will still have some, if not quite a lot, of the advantages of a male physiology I've decided that I'm going to have to enter under my birth gender (male).

Kittenkat is currently mentoring me and she's aware of the situation and knows that I'm posting this.

The things I'd like to ask are:

Would anyone have a problem with me racing under the Pirates banner?

Also as on a daily basis I'm female to everyone that I meet, or at least as best as I can be, would it be a problem for anyone that other than on race day I'd be my normal self for the rest of race weekend?

I know that doing an Ironman distance race is tough, I've read various race reports, and I don't want to my racing to be a distraction to anyone, what I'd like to do is get an idea of people's feelings on this.

Forgive me if I don't respond promptly to any responses as I'm having to borrow my son's old laptop while mine is being repaired.



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