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Hi there, I know the topic title is completely going against anything minimalist at all but i think my poor feet are just about sick of taking a pounding from my inov-8 x-lites, so I'd like a new shoe to train with, put some mileage in without feeling like I've just run a marathon after 5k. I did have some Nike free +2 but they felt very sloppy whilst running. Almost disgusting to run in and gave the balls of my feet blisters after 5kish. Any who, been running for about 2 years in minimalist shoes because i had knee/hip pain in structured asics so no structured shoes.I know all about it and don't really need a reply saying 'well you know less is more you don't need cushioning, the tahumara uses old pieces of car tyres' that's great, I was born in England and have had arched and heeled shoes since I could walk so I'm sure I can't undo 24 years of wearing funny shoes in an hour a day. So yeah, basically more cushioning with less support. Was thinking of the Nike 3,s but I can't see them holding on for a 10k every day. Any ideas? Thanks.


  • Brooks pure flow or cadence may be worth a try for road shoes or the pure grit for light trail!
  • Went for brooks green silence in the end. Cheap and if the reviews are genuine. A pretty damn good shoe.
  • Have you tried the Nike TR+Fits? They are only available from Nike themselves, Sports Direct have their own version- its not the same. I found a big difference between these and the other Free's yet quite a bit more cushioning then the Vivos (not tried the Vibrams or Merrells yet).


    Maybe look at how your running. I began wearing minimal trainers before going down further towards barefoot, when I began I got blisters on the balls of my feet but I just put on some plasters and they went in a week and didn't return when I took the plasters off. If your still getting blisters and pain after the initial 2 weeks, maybe look at your technique. As you say your trying to alter a habit of a lifetime. Maybe look at it as if your just re-learning to walk, you wouldn't expect a child to run an hour first time so start off slow. Remember its not just a case of getting used to a new pair of trainers, its also about running differently- bending and using all your body as you run to disperse the impact you make when you hit the ground rather then just trying to tolerate it.


    And don't forget rest days, they do make a difference when in the right place.

  • Most pairs of Vivos have a removable insole (it's pretty soft and cushioned) for acclimatising people to the shoe: you're supposed to take it out once you're used to the barefoot feel.

    I tend to leave them in because the shoes fit me better with the insole. It's what works for you, not a competition to see who can be the biggest masochist.

    Could you swap the Innov8 insoles for some thicker running ones, or would the shoes no longer fit you?
  • Have you tried the Saucony Fastwitch? I got sick of overally cushioned road shoes as I usually only run off-road in inov-8's but these fit the bill - good and low, decent cushioning without too much in the way of support.

  • Are you running midfoot? I wear Newton Motions for mileage - they keep the low drop of the more minimalist shoes (don't need a big cushioned heel if you aren't landing on it), but the lugs provide quite a bit of midfoot cushioning, which is what I need.

  • Good choice Bumhead!

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