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Hi all.

I am going to start adding cycling into my running schedule (4 times a week/30-35 mpw) and am going to do a couple of 60mins early morning rides before work a week. I currently have a mountain bike (with road tyres) and am going to use that to start with. If i am just after a training benefit, do i need a road bike and if so, what should i buy/spend. Would a £300 basic road bike do just fine? I could afford up to about £500-600, but would i get any extra benefit.  Any basic advice on what you get for each price bracket, or what the minimum i should spend to be happy with my purchase, what to look out for in buying a bike would be gratefully received.  I quite like the idea of doing duathlons, so i guess if i buy cheap, i`ll end up buying twice. 


Many thanks.



  • Check out wiggle for clearance bikes, i bought the felt F95, it's ??487 (25% off)

    Buy a pizza from pizza express and get the wiggle voucher for an extra 10% off 2012 bikes then apply that at check out... Then that's a ??650 bike for ??440

    You get the picture, in my view you'd be better off riding your MTB than spending ??300 on a road bike if that is its RRP BUT if your patient you should be able to pick up a ~??600 for ??300 to ??400 if you pick your moment and get lucky, then it will be worth it

    But that's just my personal view... If you plan to do tri plenty people doing tri on MTB with road tires where the rules allow it - but no doubt road bike will be faster and easier going on the road - 4 rides of a hour a week should easily get you 40-60 miles on a road bike I would think

    Riding a MTB on road is good training mind you, road bike will seem like lightening when u change
  • If it is a hardtail MTB and the front forks can be locked then with road tyres difference may be less than you think in terms of speed.

    I would stick with what you have got for a while. Get used to riding, make sure you like it and then get a £500 bike. There are just too many compromises on the £300 bikes. Cheap frame, cheap components, cheap wheels. At £500-£600-£750 you will get a lot better bike. I only mention £750 because keeping what you have got for a while will let you save up, and as Gastank says there are some good deals to be had.

    There is a Felt 85 that is £800 down to £600, and if you can get another 10% off then £560.

    So stick with what you have got, save up a little and then test ride a few.

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