new and advice needed

Hi all

im going to do my first Tri in a years time! and have some Q's

firstly the reason its a year away is im on the isle of wight and their triathlon is held every sept.

i would do this years but i do not own a bike and the local swimming pool is closed until oct.


so the Q's i have got

swimming - im not sure how good i am, im in good shape, 29 and love fitness, i use the gym 4 times a week at least, i recently completed the spartan race in a decent time.

the swim is 600m what time should i be aiming for? its a pool swim, im not to keen on speedo budgie smugglers, can i wear tri shorts in swimming pools?


Bike - i am looking thru the cycle to work scheme and have seen a Claud Butler Echelon 2012 which i can get for around £430, once extras are on it will be around £500, is this a decent enough bike, i will look to do others once i have completed the Island one, and probably keep an eye out for duathlons prior to the event for training. there are probably better bikes for the money but i am on the isle of wight and its the bike shop my employer is signed up with, there is another shop that sells treks but prefer the carbon fork option of the CB


My running is pretty decent, average around 7min miles but with training can drop into mid 6 mins


Thanks in advance, Barry


  • Tri shorts are cool in the poolimage I swim with my tri suit on sometimes, you're going to get looked at but that's life in Lycra...

    Run ??ber quick son, no issues there!

    If you really can't do the scheme anywhere else then ok but we've just been having a similar question on another thread today, check out the road bike newb thread on the front page as well basically for that money you can get a felt from wiggle and some accessories and has carbon forks - wiggle are based in southampton

    What's the groupset on CB? I'm not against them personally I had a CB mountain many years ago and I loved it, so if the spec is good then no reason not too but at that price range the spec would need to be good as with a bit of canny shopping you could be riding a felt 85/95 for the same money

    Lastly, buy a bike, get a foot passenger ticket and get your ass to mainland Barry and find some local'ish triathlons to do rather than waiting a year - I know car ferry to the isle can be costly but surely "cheaper by bike"?

    Good luck
  • maybe i could swim the solent, ride to the venue and time it just in time for the run???


    The CB

  • Beds you can get better value than that CB its only 8 speed cassette and lowly shim components

    Check out the other thread and look at what you can get from wiggle as a felt 85 / 95 and see if they will support your employers cycle to work scheme - in my honest opinion the cb isn't great value for money

    There is a tri which involves swimming the solent cycling to Richmond park and running to central London now that you mention it image
  • haha that would be a beast!

    im a prison service employee so i cant see why wiggle wouldnt be on the approved lists, only seen the isle of wight shops so far.

    fallen in love with the Felt F85 though, just looks the part

  • I have a felt F95 and have since upgraded the wheels, they're good value for money on the wiggle Particulary with the current discount and added discount available with the pizza express offer!
  • well if its £600, with the no tax its only 480

    whats the pizza express offer? 

  • Google it but an extra 10% of 2012 model bikes off the BASKET price! You need to eat a pizza to get your "summer festival pass" which gives you a code to put in on the pizza express website and then I think fro

    What I have read that gives you the ability to get a code to use in wiggle to get the 10%
  • Message me I have a pizza express number I won't use and you can work it from there image
  • Tri shorts are fine in the pool, a lot of people will probably be wearing tri shorts or a tri suit. I always wear my tri shorts for training too.

    Can't say too much about the bike as I don't have much of a clue about bikes.

    You live on an small island so can't be more than 10 miles from the sea at any time, can't you swim in that?? it would be free too. swimming times would vary on ability obiously but would be in the range of between 1:30 - 3 minutes per 100m.

    Is there a tri club on the island? or perhaps you could try and find someone else interested in tri's to split the cost of coming to the mainland? would be a shame to wait a you to do your first one.

  • im only 1 mile from the sea,  however in the pool theres no current and waves and if i do go under there are people that are employed to save me!

    im do not think i am a weak swimmer but would rather have a bit of practise in a safe environment first


    there is a club acording to google but the calender looks a bit bleak with just training sessions but i can find out more hopefully thru local sources

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