Returning to running

I used to a fair bi -, about 40 miles a week.  Got an injury (ITBS) whilst training for a marathon but completed the marathon anyway.  Hung up my trainers for a while to recover. I've tried to start again a good few times and I really, really want to get the love back but I just find it so difficult knowing how I much fitter I used to be. I can literally just about manage 5 minutes now and I find it so disheartening that I give up again.  I know that if I persevere it won't be long until I'm back there but how do I get over the feelings?  Anyone been in a similar postion?


  • Yep, lost my mojo about 3 years ago after an injury and whilst I did carry on running it hasn't been the same since. Then two years ago I DNF'd at the Lakeland 100, only made it to 66 miles then gave up image. Ever since then i've been struggling for motivation, i'll string together a couple of weeks of 5 milers then have 2 months off! I did get back up to 20 miles in may, but slow even for me, and i'm really slow. I'm currently in a trying again phase, I know if I can get through 5-6 weeks of consistant training i'll probably carry on, but it's a vicious circle of fitness loss and weight gain. Not getting any younger either!

  • Frustrating isn't it?  I get so miserable about my lack of fitness I give up, go home and eat pizza. 

    I used to dream about my next run!

    If you do work out the secret, let me know. I'll do the same for you.

  • I understand what you mean.

    My lay offs been longer about 5 years! Was a marathon runner with a PB of 3:42, now struggle with 3 soooooo frustrating. Iknow if i keep it up i will get back to fitness but to run 3 miles and feel exhausted is getting me down

  • Ugh, that must be frustrating!  I had a knee problem a while back, and I've only just now got back up to 5km - but early on, the physio said I could only do 6 minutes.  On grass.  So, I had to traipse all the way to the common just for six bloomin' minutes!  I gradually increased that, until I was running around twenty minutes when the sodding knee started playing up again, so once again it was back down to five minutes. Now I've hit 5k again, I'm going to build back up very slowly - before the knee problem my maximum was nine miles and I was beginning to get ideas about a Marathon in the (distant) future.  That's the run, not the bar now known as 'Snickers'.image 

    In the meantime, to stave off any worries about weight gain, I'd strongly recommend an exercise bike - the cross training will work muscles that running doesn't as well. image  I got one from amazon a while back called the 'F-Bike' for £79 (down from £159) and it's great.  One word of advice though: if you do get that, do yourself a massive favour and get a padded gel seat cover at the same time, as the seat is horrendously uncomfortable.image

  • Know the feeling well - don't get me wrong I have never even been close to being a marathon runner but could run fairly easily for an hour every other day.  That was about 2-3 years ago and i've never been able to get anywhere close to it again.  My main problem has always been 'rushing it'.  Because I know i was capable of more than i'm doing now i'd start a training programme and think i could do more then get injured/find it too tough etc etc.  Now i'm on week 4 of training from a basic plan which starts off with small run/walks and i've stuck at it even if i've felt I could do more and i intend to stick to it till the end.  It's the longest i've stuck back at it since so it's all i can suggest i'm afraid.  Very frustrating but neceserry i think. 


    Best of luck

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