2XU Mens T:2 Team Triathlon Wetsuit

thinking of getting this wet suit can anyone recommend it ?


2XU Mens T:2 Team Triathlon Wetsuit


  • 2XU are a good make

    Much like a bike fit tho, its a good one as long as it fits you .. worth trying before you buy if you can

    I have no personal experience of that particular one tho

  • i have a 2xu tri suit and its fantastic, i would say though, that whilst it is far better than my cheapo £30 moremile one i use for training, i dont feel its £120 better, far from it. 

    I've not tried their wetsuits, if they are made to the same quality you will have a great bit of kit, but i would say look at some other brands in the mid range price bracket, ive always felt 2XU come with a premium price tag thats a bit over their value (compared with other higher end brands)

  • I have swum in various 2XU wetsuits at the lakes I use, where they provide the suits. I really like the T:2, it's a great starter suit as it has a lot of the features of the elite suits but is pretty affordable. Hoping to get one for myself towards the end of the season so I've got one ready for next year. They do lots of sizes though, so as M... says, it's worth going somewhere to try on if you can, though the size chart is quite comprehensive.

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