Minimalist Running Shoes...

I've been doing a bit of reading about minamalist running shoes, and I see the price on Vivobarefoot have come right down, so it's worth the risk I think.

So I have a bit of a bone question!

Do you wear socks with yours?  I'm just wondering because if I wear socks, I'll probably order UK 9.5, but if it's barefoot inside them, I'll order size 9s.

What do you think?


  • Yes and no. You don't need to. But I do if its cold weather. Or if I go for longer distance (prevention of blisters).

    Throughout the summer I haven't really.

    Tend to wear them more in vivobarefoots. But not so much in vibrams or vivobarefoot ultras as they come with inner mesh thingy.

  • Thanks, Elli.  I'm looking forward to trying mine out.  I'll start with socks and see how I get on.


  • I usually wear socks with mine (Neo, Neo Trail), but I've gone sockless sometimes with no rubbing problems. I have heard that the upper rubs some people in the Evos, but no experience of those myself.

  • My evos had that problem even with socks. I've heard they've fixed in the newer models. I'm just using my trail ones and ultras in VB.

  • Have always gone sockless in my merrells, apart from 1 or 2 freezing days in the winter when i used thin small low sports socks, you know the ones that are just the foot section really. (tescos own were ideal as they are cheap and thin and didnt take up a lot of shoe space!)

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