BHF Warwick Castle Half Marathon

So I fancy this, but whats the course? If it starts and finishes at the castle what country lanes/villages does it take in? Would like to know


  • I'd like to know too. If it includes part off the two castles 10k route it won't be flat. Am tempted though cos it roughly coincides with the 10th anniversary of my hip replacement.

  • impressive stuff ness,yea i saw the ad for this with the last issue of RW.They could have easily included a course profile or a map for it.The fact they didn't suggests one thing,HILLS.Still with scenery like that it'll be worth the pain.See you there guys.

  • I'm giving it serious thought as it's sort of my home town (where I grew up) but it's only 2 weeks after Bath so may be a HM too far?

  • Hello AGF. Hope you're keeping well.

    Nice we get a home town half eh? Are you anywhere nearer finding out the route?
  • Aha! Here'a a hint. Flat it ain't!

    Hannah Carling, regional event organiser for the BHF, has already established a 13-mile route that will take runners out through the castle gates and into the historic streets of the town before they head off around Leek Wootton, Beausale and Hampton-on-the-Hill.
  • Hmm hills, and only a few miles away, might be up for this if it fits in with plans for next year.

  • Hi Elgm, Doing well thanks. Training for abingdon at the moment. Trust your well. 

    Cool - thanks for the link. Sounds like ( guessing)  its the loop I sometimes do for a long training run.  Similar to first half of two castles and then a left instead of a right in Kenilworth. Then round red kite lane etc to Hatton and then Hampton. Basically undulating.... but scenic !!! image

    Think I will do it !!

  • Got to do it if you're local! I'm Redditch based so not far for me!
  • Tempted.

    Lovely spot for a race but quite expensive.still thin,ing

    on it.
  • Glad to finally have a half in Warwick , as a local to Kenilworth the potential route sounds like a Two Castles/Kenilworth Half Hybrid, a lot of country in that but iconic start and finish. I'll definitely be doing the inaugural half - lets hope it becomes as big as the Two Castles...

  • Hi all signed up for this as my second half, how hilly is hilly (I'm guessing from the comments no PB)? Had a real struggle on the Stockbridge 10K yesterday with the one hill in the heat. Booked my hotel close to the strt so looking forward to a long weekend with this in the middle.

  • I've signed up for this one.  Given I live about a mile from the castle, I figured it would be rude not to...

  • Is this weekend after silverstone, I know someone who's entered this so yes may give it some serious thought myself
  • Anyone found out yet how hilly this is going to be?

  • Silverstone is the 3rd March next year so this is 2 weeks after

  • NellyP , still don't the know the course yet , but as  I know the area pretty well it will be more undulating than hilly, it could still be a PB course.


  • Is parking in Warwick friendly cheap as I'll be travelling from Derby, if I do this one.

  • wolves1877 wrote (see)

    Is parking in Warwick friendly cheap as I'll be travelling from Derby, if I do this one.

    Yes. Easy peasy. You can park all the way down the Stratford Road for nothing

  • Steve, The start is at the castle. you will be able to find a road to Park in within a mile stroll at no cost.....

  • Thanks all. I like free will enter this one now


  • I'm going to enter this if my dad will offer lodgings in Warwick the night before..
  • From the map I have it's over 180m of elevation gain. Most of that seems to be from about 4km thru 17km. I live nearby so might try and run that stretch and validate just how hilly it is.

    I would advise against parking at the castle. It's always hideously expensive. There are 3 multi-story car parks within a 5 min walk of the castle plus several single level car parks. Street parking is available within a 5-10 min walk too. Some metered, some free. The St Nicholas park overflow field off myton road would be a good choice. Unlikely to fill up and you can see the castle from there. It's a coin machine for payment.

    A very large number of nice pubs in town for afterwards image
  • Steve B 74 wrote (see)
    A very large number of nice pubs in town for afterwards image

    Now your talking my language image

    If you've got a map I'd love a copy, got this real thing about looking at routes on Mapmyrun before doing them and that should show the hills as well.


    Great South Run next weekend then a couple of weeks off and then need to think about starting some training for this image


  • I have a (4mb) PDF that I got from the organiser. Happy to email to anyone. Message me your email address
  • Hi Steve,

    tried to message you on the system (first time I've tried this so could be a problem my end!!!) but got a nmessage saying you don't recieve private messages have you set that up?



  • Oops. Sorry. Fixed now.
  • A map of pubs?!? Perfect!
  • I have just completed the Birmingham half & I'm for this oneimage

  • I think this is the course.  Not too bad:


  • I've run that  anumber of times as part of my LSR. Its not a fast course - but its a nice one !!! Great for MP paced runs for coming marathons....

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