BHF Warwick Castle Half Marathon



  • That's good news, and good to know people are prepared to listern, well done to the organisers.


  • Totally agree - right decision from BHF and Warwick Castle. We can all enjoy the day now
  • yes - good news indeed.
  • Gone a bit quiet on here. How's everyones training going, not long now.

    Had a really tough week, did a 5 mile race instead of my LSR last sunday, did really good time (for me) but training has been so hard this week, toughest week training by far, did 11 mile LSR today but felt so hard.



  • 2 x 11K runs this weekend. on track for 2.00 - 2.15 hours. Running into the wind today was hsrd work. looking forward to a well earned Sunday lunchimage
  • this is my first half marathon, more as a practise for the Great North Run. I am not sure how i am going to do, only run 14km up to now ( done a few 10km runs during last year). Looking to do it in around 2hrs 20  I reckon, am sure I will be near the back of the pack!!!

    Any tips of building myself up from 10km to the 22km given I have limited training time?}
    I can only get out for a long run once a fortnight!! Can do a shorter run say 5-10km once maybe twice a week,

    my 10km pace was 65mins on average.


    See you all there


  • Natalie, As this is my second half marathon I'm clearly well qualified to give advice image.

    What I would say is forget the time, set you objective as finnishing and enjoy the day and don't worry, with the times you've said you"ll probably be nearer the middle than end.

    If you're limited with training time I would just slowly up your distance on LSR's (still got enough weeks) IMHO if you can do 17 - 18k in training you'll have no  problem on race day. And don't forget to take it really easy the week before the race.

    I'm sure there's other people on here who can speak from better experiance but that's what worked for me in my first half last year.



  • Hi Natalie 

    Congratulations on getting in to do the GNR. I did it last year and it is an awesome experience, one you will remember for a long time. If I can give you some helpful advice on the run - 

    1. Don’t expect a quick time!  There are way too many runners, just enjoy the day, enjoy the run and most of all enjoy the support you get from the crowds - they are amazing. I did GNR in 2:37 and then did Leicester Half 4 weeks later in 2:17.
    2. Take something warm to where at the start – something old to discard before you get over the start line. You can be waiting at the start for 30 -40 minutes.
    3. Save some energy and enjoy the last mile. You will have never seen crowds so willing to shout your name and cheer you on, a fantastic experience.

    I would agree with Nelly P on your long runs – if you can get up to 17K you will be fine. Take it easy at the start and try to get into a comfortable rhythm. All in all just enjoy.


  • Evening all.

    Signed up for this last night. Will be my first competitive run for over a year, apart from the odd park-run, and I can't wait.

    Whats all this about wearing red? I don't want to wear the heavy cotton tee that they provide. Might have to invest in a new red top....

  • yeah fortunately got myself a new red running top at xmas, agree wouldn't want to run in cotton shirtshirt


  • Hi guys , does anyone actually have the confirmed route?

  • Hi Steve found THIS. Took a drive around most of it at the weekend, looks good image

  • I've run the route. It's pretty tough (for a newbie like me). Constant undulating. Nice scenery for the most part. Was icy when I did it - hopefully we will have a nice day in March and a family picnic in the grounds of the castle afterwards.
  • Just signed up following my first ever race this weekend (8 miles). Looking forward to it - or at least I will once it's over.... or something.

  • One month to go and great to hear that the event has sold out. How is training going?

    Great to have been able to be out running this weekend - NO Rain, NO snow, NO wind image feels like Spring is round the corner..

  • Yeah good to know be a full house, doing the winchester 10K next sunday, ran the course twice today pretty hard going some long uphill drags, so not expecting a PB next week but 12.5 miles under my belt so should be good for next month image 


    and as you say Humpo nice be out in some sunshine 

  • Tim O the wearing red is the BHF colours heart, blood etc. Are there any major hills in this I've done the Potters Arf (stoke-on-Trent) and heartbreak hill is a real pb wrecker.
  • No. No major hills. A few short steep ones as memory serves. Perhaps 50metres long. The whole route is constant undulating. Lots of long slight inclines. More tiring than it sounds if (like me) you don't live in a hilly area.

    If the final section is in thru the car park then up to the top gate then that's going to be a pretty rough and steep last 400 meters or so.
  • do I have to wear bhf red tshirt? How about mp3 players. Are they allowed?

  • Trying not to start up the MP3 debate on here (there's plenty of other forums for that) but I guess the answer depends on whether all the roads are closed to traffic or not, if they are not you'd be stupid to run with an MP3, I really don't get the need to anyway especially in a race enjoy the company / comradery (or however you spell it!!!)


  • I'm running this as my first half- really looking forward to it image
  • Just went to sign up...sold out, gutted!! image

  • Hi, anyone with a spare entry im happy to buy it....



  • there was someone on the FB group looking to get rid of one

  • Hello all. Hope everyones training is going well!

    Has anyone received their entry pack yet? I have an email saying I should, but I don't. Missing in post or just slow delivery?
  • Got mine yesterday. You need to email warwick castle to let them know how many spectator tickets you need or you can call them on 01926 495421.

  • Got mine on Monday.

    Having real trouble with my hip which has started really hurting when I stand up and for a few paces when it eases a bit ran last night and it was ok after a couple of miles but really worried it's getting close to 17th. Got physio appointment booked for Monday so will have to see what they say. image

  • I received my pack this morning. Phew. No spectator tickets are required but thanks for the info image

    Nelly: Hope the physio can give you good news on Monday; probably best to take it easy until then. You can't gain or lose a significant amount of fitness in two weeks, but its easy to pick up an injury / make an existing one worse. I'm not sure of your running experience but turning up at the start line well rested and injury free is a big chunk of the battle.

  • Thanks Tim0 was in two minds about a long run tomorrow but think you're right rest tomorow and see what physio says on Monday. Hopefull enough work already in the tank to get me through on 17th 

  • Physio says got half a chance if I take it easy and don't do anything silly between now and 17th.

    Looks like I've got a two week tapper instead of one week, anyone any idea how much fittness you lose in two weeks?

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