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  • Tom

    Chip should have been in your pack in a small envelope which says something like don't open until the day or something like that.


    I'm sure if it's not there someone will be able to help on Sunday morning.  Don't panic


  • All i would say is that if everyone arrives around 8, the queues will be very big which we want to avoid! So please do arrive earlier than that if possible to allow plenty of time for traffic and getting ready and to the start in time!

    Yes the spectators collect their tickets from the main entrance with their email, unfortunatel they aren't allowed in until this time, however nothing can be seen from inside the grounds as the start is out onto the road, the best place to watch the start is on St Nicholas Church Street. You guys are our priority in the morning and once you have started we can't wait to welcome your guests in.

    Obviously if you wish to leave clothing with your family or friends then yes you will have to leave it with them early but we will collect clothing left at the start line and it will be available to collect at the end but this totally at your own risk!

    And yes don't worry if you don't have your chip, although it should be in there, we can sort that out on the day.

    Can't wait now, hope you're all looking forward to it too, lets hope the rain isn't too heavy over night! image

  • Just getting ready now then leaving about mid day to find the guest house we're staying in tonight, watch the Rugby (not sure how I'm going to do that and avoid a beer!!!!), dinner in Ask and then early night.

    Good luck tomorrow everyone, just hope this rain stops !!!!

  • Nelly there are a lot of restaurants and pubs in town that are not chains and in my opinion a better option than Ask. Ask is nice enough though, I eat there regularly myself. I'd recommend Aqua the Lebanese place, Art Kitchen, Thai, The Roebuck pub grub and Merchants for Gastro. Rose and Crown is excellent for gastro too. Every one of those less than 5 mins walk from Ask.
  • That's great thanks Steve, depending upon the weather we may wander around to have a look or just get inside the first we find to get out of the rain.


    I think Mrs. P has realised that our weekend break may involve a couple of hour for her waiting around the castle on her own image

  • Tom LuntTom Lunt ✭✭✭

    id love to get there earlier than 8 but im having to travel down from stoke, already having to drag the family out of bed at 6am so im guessing if i even suggest getting there earlier i may not even make it to the start line!!

  • Looking forward to tomorrow now, are there individual mile markers on the route? Or is it just after every 5k as mentioned on the rw event info.
  • This has been really useful, reading all these posts! really looking forward to it-good luck everyone! Anyone know how many" runners and riders" are taking part tomorrow?

  • 4000 I believe
  • pleasant afternoon wandering around Warwick.  now raining again image


  • Tomorrow is supposedly going to be okay now image

  • With all this rain.... What's the ford like that we have to cross??? I hope it's not over the road image
  • There's a footbridge too. Single file
  • Hi - can anyone let me know who is doing the chip timing for this race?
  • great (if hard ) race well organised but what a naff medal, i've had  poor ones in the past but this must be the worse!!! no mention of the event or distance on either the medal or ribbon. Very disappointing end to Good race

  • Great race. Tough conditions and not an easy course. Good support despite the rain and sleet. I thought the organisation was first class enjoyed a couple beers at the Rose and Crown afterwards too image
  • Firstly, a big thank you to the organisers, marshalls, support staff and anyone else that made the event a success. From what I saw everything ran smoothly. The course was great too.

    Only comments (there has to be some image ) the final turn onto the grass/mud was a pain, but probably would have been okay in dry; and the final drinks station left the lids on the bottles which were then chucked straight on the floor. Minor comments. Would definitely run again!

    Chris; sports systems. The results are up.
  • Oh, and I set a PB image image
  • That was GREAT..That was my first half..2h and 20mins.

    Will defo do another


  • Tom LuntTom Lunt ✭✭✭

    ive read on the website and it looks like a few people didnt make the 9.15 start time and missed out due to the traffic, i realise there was plenty of notice saying to get there early etc to avoid it but for people who travel down to the event like myself (80 mile one way) it isnt always possible to get there for 7am. perhaps if the start time was moved to 10 instead of 9 this could have helped? only a suggestion, really enjoyed the race. first half and ran it in 1 hour 45!! 

  • Utter garbage! Got stuck in the race traffic for over an hour on the way there and along with a great many other runners was denied entry to the castle and the start line. We were told there was nothing the organisers could do and that the start gate was now closed, a health and saftey issue apparently, though another chap and myself decided to run the course anyway starting from outside the grounds and happily neither of us we're killed. On finishing, the medal was awful but nothing compared to trying to get off the carpark, a sodden field with no marshalls and lots of stuck vehicles. I have never known such a poorly organised run. Never again.

  • what's the point of chip timing f you'e going blish the results in  time order!! even if  select to sort by chip time it still gives your gun time position.

  • Where can i see the chip times please ??


  • Go to sports systems image

  • Please can somebody tell me where to find the results on the net - I'm struggling. What's the point of collecting your tee T-shirt before hand when your family can't get in till 9.15am to take it off your hands? I just about got in in time and had no time to collect and didn't want to hang around at the end due to weather and poor waiting family. Lessons should be learnt from this. BHF put on your paperwork stronger wording about parking e.g allow at least 2 hours to park. Put in the checklist bring e mail about family passes. Thank you to marshalls. I did better than I thought i think. Rant over. image
  • Thanks victoria imageimageimageimage

  • They did say netta on the info pack that they wanted us to wear the tshirts when we ran. image Thats why they handed thm out at the beginning image

  • Good course. Poorly organised at the beginning, even the marshals didn't know what time it started.

    I did manage to knock 6 minutes off my PB! hitch isn't bad considering how hilly the course was.

    Struggling to find race results though!
  • Go to

  • Oooops! I'm sorry I must have missed that - was it clear? Was it a technical t-shirt then?

    Have found my time and am happier nowimage

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