skype number in registration details

Was looking to enter a particular race. It did not have an entry form or an email address. It just gave a telephone number which looked like a skype thing. I must admit my ignorence about all things skype. Does this mean that I have to have a PC with a camera on it to contact them or is it just a telephone call but it is forcing me to buy skype credit to use it. It said something about needing to buy credit or is it more than a telephone call when you get through. I did try just dialling the number from a landline and it said invalid number.


  • What race is this ? I cant see that they'll just be getting entries by Skype ? You can just have an audio conversation with them - but you need to download the program. 

  • Seems odd. 

    Did you accidentally add the Skype add-on that shows an icon for Skype-able numbers? You'd probably see the Skype function on other sites too.



  • Thanks. that makes sense. The computer is a new one so I am seeing it in other places too so must have come preloaded with Skype.

    So , if I read this right, the fact that it has the Skype icon on means I can Skype it but alternatively I should just be able to ring it and the fact that it came back with invalid number just means that it was a misprint or I dialled it wrong from the land line rather than anything more.

    When I googled the race, I ended up with 2 or 3 different sites which just gave this number and I tried a couple of the 'look for races' sites and came up empty. I have since tried a couple more of these sites and found one that does list it and this does give an Email address for me to chase up.

    Thanks again.


  • If you told us the race it might help ?

    Dont worry - I probably wont be entering it and nicking the places. image

  • Sorry cougie it was actually the croxteth hall 10 k in Liverpool at the end of the month. After putting the problem on this site, I did find it listed with an Email address on Runners World itself which I should really have checked before putting the problem in although I had checked 3 other places via google. The main one was the whats on at Croxteth Hall which was giving me the skype number only


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