Strength training fir a duathlon

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on strength training for a duathlon. I'm assuming things like squats, lunges, core etc are needed but I haven't got a clue what exactly I should be doing, how many reps or how many times a week. Any tips would be great. Thanks Louise


  • Depending on level of normal "other" training I would say if you are training in two disciplines then two strength sessions per week, which would give you perhaps six sessions in total and one full rest day

    Squats (front / back / cycle)

    Dead lifts

    Barbell lunge

    Box jumps

    Push Press


    Chin / Pull Ups

    Good supplement in this months Outdoor Fitness magazine otherwise I would read up/google CrossFit Endurance, which I think is great

    Sets and reps - probably 3 sets 5 reps for strength - I have a very detailed spreadsheet at home but I'm away at the mo so can't reference it but that should be safe. You're aiming to fail on the fifth rep of every set if you're not then up the weight and see how the next set goes.... Once you have you're baseline dialled in, up your weight by no more than a couple of lbs per week (just like 10% rule in lsr)

    Hope this helps
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