Esendex Last Minute Sprint Triathlon 400m/20K/5K

Hi im a fairly experienced runner running upto 17 miles already with average 10k times of 51-52 mins so not quick, im thinking of trying a triathlon but only have a) a mountain bike & b) little knowledge of triathlon. For example can i swim breast stroke &/or will i look stupid or be miles behind? Anyone help with advice/info please? Richie


  • I did my first tri last year and had exactly the same worries as you.

    I put a estimated swim time of 15 -20 minutes so was scheduled to start quite early. There were many people including me using a wide variety of swim strokes.As it is a pool event you will have no worries about wetsuits.

    There were many types of bikes being used from cheap mountain bikes up to high end tri bikes.

    As I had a early start time there was little worry of me finishing on my own as the faster runners all started at staggered times behind me.If I looked at the finish list I was near the end but I had the satisfaction of being able to tell people I had completed a traithlon which was nice.

    Go for it and enjoy yourself.

  • Thanks so much Stringy i think i will, After the swim is it straight out in wet clothes & onto your bike then? Richie

  • Yes pretty much, I wore cycling shorts (without padding) and then slipped on a t shirt after teh swim with a the number already pinned front and back (front for run and back for cycle). Some people wear an all in one suit and a tri belt with the number on which can then be moved either to the back or the front depending on discipline. You dry off pretty quickly.




  • Thats great thanks so much for your help sounds like i will probably do the same as you i think. Richie

  • Sorry another question? Do you have to wear a helmet in the cycling? Richie

  • Hi Richard,

    I'm just starting to think about my first tri too (but thankfully it's not until May!).

    You might find this useful


  • You dry off pretty quickly.


  • Thanks saffy great info thank you, Think im gonna hae to wait until next year to do my first too as need equipment & kit.

  • Yes you will need a helmet but nothing special.

    With regards kit all you really need is your running kit, any bike, helmet and something to swim indoors in.

    You could spend a fortune on kit just to find you do not enjoy it or just use what you can have or borrow.




  • cool thanks stringy

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