I watched the Community Shield between Chelsea and Man City this afternoon, as I support Chelsea. At half time some of the Chelsea fans were chanting to the referee "W**ker, w**ker, w**nker..."

As much as anyone disagrees with the referee's decision, it has to be remembered that the referee has a tough job to do, and that his word is final. Virtually any decision made by a sports referee will advesrly affect one side, but it's very bad form for fans to criticise him.

I thought that the British public had got the the hang of sportsmanship after the past two weeks of Olympic performance. The whole nation was acting in the interest of sportsmanship and fair play.

It appears that certain football fans have learned absolutely nothing. Sad day for sport.



  • I am dreading football season.... it's vicious on twitter!!

    I think i'm going to try to avoid all mention / watching of any this year.  Just had enough to much b*****it.

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