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Hello to anyone willing to listen and get involved. I am recently new to running, i am a big guy looking to be the little guy. I used couch to 5k for four weeks and have been running 5k non stop for 3 weeks every other day now PB31:56 currently. Questions i have. Do i use these protein shakes? If so which? Should i push on to further and longer or bring my times down first Can you recommend any food plans


  • Absolutely no .. you dont need protein shakes
    a decent healthy balanced diet will see you right. keep well hydrated and eat foods as close to their natural state as possible

    I would increase in the same way as the C2 5K plan and once you can run comfortably for an hour then you can come back to less time and look to incorporate some speed work

  • Thank you M...eldy.

    Any thoughts on food plans?
  • Eat less, move more image

    Try any of the sports nutrition books by Anita Bean

  • I've done weightwatchers so far "about 51 lbs down in 21 weeks. Eat what you want in moderation. If you have a smartphone get an app aaa bloke I guess you are allowed about 2500 calories a day is it? Try to eat say 1,800 a day or a bit less for two or three weeks and just see how that goes.
  • No you def. don't need any protein shakes, but do make sure that you are getting protein in your diet. A good healthy diet and make sure that you aren't rewarding yourself for running with junk or consuming more calories over your daily target than you are burning during the running.

  • Hi,

    No just your normal good, lean proteins.  Don't forget yogurt (I go full fat Greek), nuts, seeds and things like cottage cheese.  Can make some pretty decent protein based snacks with these.

    I tend to eat every 2 - 3 hours, every snack will have a protein of some kind.



  • Lean protein such as chicken, turkey, fish is what you need rather than shakes.

    Also pulses (lentils, chickpeas, etc), are good sources of protein.

    Lots of fruit and vegetables, too, to get vitamins and minerals, plus fibre. image

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