7 full weeks...

until I attempt a half marathon. 

Currently longest run has been 5k - 31 minutes. 

Simple questions, is it going to be possible? I'm half pessimistic, half optimistic. 



  • I think you're pushing it.  If you were to increase your longest run of 3 miles by 1 mile per week, you'd still only build upto 9 miles, if you increased your long run by 1 mile per week, prior to your half marathon.

    Week 1 - 4 miles

    Week 2 - 5 miles

    Week 3 - 6 miles

    Week 4 - 7 miles

    Week 5 - 8 miles

    Week 6 - 9 miles

    Hal Higdon training programs are good:


    This is a 12 week one that you could be capable of completing.  I'd just delay your half and find a later one that fits in with the Hal Higdon training program.

    It may save a lot of aches and injuries?

  • You can do it, you won't break any records, but I guess that's not what it's about.  Maybe try to stretch the runs a bit further at the end 6 then 7.5 then 9 and then a 10.5? if that's possible, then just go for it on the day.  Just don't start to fast and relax and enjoy it.

  • How often in the week are you running, and how far are any other runs? Are you doing any other exercise (e.g. swimming)?

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