right foot pain radiate from inside ankle to arch of foot and then up!!!

I'm fairly new too running. I have had my gait checked and have brooks gts 12 as I over pronate!!! I have run regularly 6miles but recently enroled in my first marathon. Too quickly i know i was running 10mile with half marathon along side with not enough rest!!

I now have a right ankle that's sore as hell. I have not run for two weeks i have swam and used a excercise bike as i don't want to go backwards with my training too much as the marathon is in November!!! I still however have this soreness. I have iced it and done strengthening exercises but still the ankle /arch of my foot aches. It tends too be worse in the morning and lossens off in the day however no shoes or trainers seem to feel comfortable. I have no swelling or tenderness just this constant ache.

I have booked to see a physio as i'm sooo missing feeling fresh and ready too run. Any ideas or advice would be brilliant.....Thanks


  • Hi Paul Harris 65, I had the same thing and my physio has diagnosed tenosynovitis. I also over pronate. I ran my first half marathon in April but ran it too quickly than what I trained for and kept jumping up on the pavements to overtake. The next day I had such a painful ankle and foot I could hardly walk. Anyway, after resting, trying to run, resting some more and trying again I went to the physio who diagnosed tenosynovitis which is inflammation of the tendon sheath. I get pain around my right ankle bone, down the side of my foot and under my foot and it also can spread up my calf and knee some days. After resting it seems fine but running seems to agravate it.

    I had about a month of ultrasound from the physio and he also recommended calf stretches about 5 times a day and ice on the ankle 2 times a day. Not sure if the ultrasound really helped much as even though I stopped running on it whilst I was getting the treatment it seemed to feel worse. After 2 weeks off from ultrasound while I was on holiday my ankle started feeling a lot better. So with the physio's permission I have been able to do some slow 2 milers a couple of times a week to build up to running again. I still get twinges when I run and have recently moved up to 3 miles and the pain seems to be returning again.

    I haven't been able to run properly since April and am feeling so frustrated. I really miss going for long weekend runs or a few 5 milers before a day of work. I'm not sure if I'm being over carefull as the pain is not excruciating as I'm bound to have some twinges after an injury or if I should try a different avenue of treatment (though not sure what?) If anyone else has any suggestions or Paul, if your physio recommends something else please do share. It's my ambition to run a marathon one day and I'm feeling pretty down not being able to train or not having my next race to aim for. Any suggestions would be useful.
  • There's one thing that's quite easy to do yourself which might just solve the problem, so I'd give it a try if I were you.  Often pain seems to come from one place but there is actually somewhere else that could be the problem.  I'd try, after a hot bath would be even better, pressing all round muscles on my lower leg to see if there's anywhere that's sore when pressed.  If so, pressing round that part of that muscle for maybe a minute might release tension/pain elsewhere.

  • I still get twinges when I run and have recently moved up to 3 miles and the pain seems to be returning again.



  • thanks for the replies people its really nice to hear others views. I have seen two physios now and boths ay different stuff. I have done one run in six weeks still have pain and my foot feels week. Problem is now i am frieghtened to run in fear of making it worse. I'm doing everything from stretches to ice but nothing has really made a massive impact. I have had a week of total rest and this too has not helped... 'm frustrated and want to get  back to just my regular 6miles...... I have starttyed pilates in attempts to strengthen my core too and hit the swimming pool just to miantain fitness. I am lost and the next visit will be the doctor but i have little faith in that avenue either to be honest!!!

    I'll keep you posted on any developments and welcome any advice!!!! Thanks everyone

  • Hi Paul,

    It sounds like it could be Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD) - a problem with the tendon of a muscle called Tibialis posterior. It runs down the inside of the ankle and into the arch. The fact that your symptoms are worse in the morning could suggest some inflammation which might respond to anti-inflams.

    If it is PTTD, tape often helps a lot as it can offload that area. You should also be doing 'eccentric' work on the muscle - this is a type of exercise that works especially well with tendon problems. Loads of info on PTTD here including taping and exercises;


    Hope that helps

  • Hi Tom,


    Many Many thanks for taking the time to reply your comments are duely noted and i have checked out the web address and exercises are being done as shown now....Cheers a great help fingers crossed i can rid this evil soon soon soon!!!!!


    Thank You


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