Beginner - not sure of my goals

Hi all I'm a 28 yo male who plays football and is generally fairly fit, although a bit heavier than I'd like right now. I used to suffer from shin splints and wear orthotics for football but never even contemplated trying to run. Anyway I started at the gym a while back, I'd been suffering with groin strain and hip issues but with a weights program my legs got stronger and the injuries cleared up. Then I went on a treadmill and loved it do, being impulsive I signed up for a half marathon in October. Ive just started proper training and can run 5k in 35 mins but Havnt ran long miles yet. I want to become like an all round athlete so also want to row, cycle and do weights and core work but I feel I can't concentrate on everything, if I focus on distance I'm not as good at football as my longs aren't as powerful for sprints for example. Then I feel my hamstrings are a bit tight so want to work them harder and want to go swimming. Basically I'm unsure of what to focus on and then how to plan for my goals. Does any one have any advice... As simple as possible.... I tend to over think!!!


  • Not sure we can really tell you what you should focus on? what do you like doing best and concentrate most efforts on that is as far as I would go. everyone is different and far be it from us to tell you what you should be doing with your time! image

  • Welcome Darren,

    If you're not sure of your goals then it's difficult to plan for them.  Saying that I guess a training plan for that half marathon is a good start.

    Unlike you I'm very over weight but much like you I'm more interested in deviding my time between different sports. 


  • For a man who plays football 35 minutes is a bit slow for 5k. I think you need to train and lose a bit of weight and get that down by 10 minutes.
  • How would you do that Sussex, focus on running only or strength sprints intervals?
  • It's ok to be an all-around athlete, but if you're only running for 5km and training for a half marathon I think you need to concentrate if you want to get around in one piece! The other sports will definetely help with the fitness, but you will need to work on your endurance and on building the required strength needed for running - by running not in the gym. I would also get outside - training for a long race on a treadmill would bore even the hardened gym-goer rigid.

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