Hello, just thought I'd introduce myself as I've jsut registered. I've been running for a year or two now, looking to up it a bit though (finding a club, improving fitness) So look forward to speaking to a few of you!




  • Hi Kylie. Welcome to the forum sweetheart
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    I hot footed it over as Kylie is a hot name.

    Then I realised it's Kyle...ie male.

    Unlucky Sussex image

    ps welcome though...

  • Haha! it's not the first time! Will update picture soon enough!


    Thanks though!


    Kyle, or Kylie. up to you

  • Hey Kyle my lover (just being inappropriately friendly). Why not stick your head in to some of the threads in the Beginners section? You might find a lot more conversation than a thread which is dedicated to yourself (and no one knows who you are!). All the best.


  • Hi Kyle - great name and properly spelt!! (You have to be wary of those Everetts).

  • I've just got that your picture is supposed to be dead DJ and TV star Kenny Everett!!
  • That's right, Maurice Mimer!

  • Welcome, Kyle.

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