New Fat Boy!

Hello everyone,

I'm new!

The fat boy in the picture is me taken in the summer. Since then I have lost two stone (from 16st to 14 st) in what would seem like a very quick time.

However, I began the run/walk method and am now running 4 times a week between 5k and 11k.

I'm not a total newcomer to running so do not feel too much strain increasing so fast, (All this in 7 weeks.)

However, I was beginning to feel a bit depressed that the weight loss had decelerated in the last couple of weeks despite the increasing efforts I am making to exercise.

But now I am heartened to read through the threads in the forums that this might be due to muscle replacing fat and am more determined now to keep at it.

I am dieting as well at the moment but have actually been trying to reduce my intake, where again the advice seems to be to increase in order to provide fuel for the increased exercise.I will definitely re-think.

25 years after I last ran in a race, I have entered the "Dulwich Charity 10K" and can't tell you how much I am looking forward to it.

I've found that the encouragement and advice on this website, by both experts and co-runners, has really helped to motivate me in learning to run all over again.



  • Hi Maccy,

    Don't be depressed!

    As you stated the weight loss can tend to slow down after you start to exercise on a regular basis.

    Have a go at ignoring the scales and using a tape measure instead.You may find that even though you have not lost as much weight as you have hoped,your body fat has decreased.

    Stick to the low fat diet and good luck with Dulwich.
  • Maccy,
    Well done and keep at it. DannyM is right; ignore the scales (for a bit, or buy one that measures body fat) and just look and see if your shape is changing. I'll bet it is.

  • Thanks Danny & DH,

    I think my shape is changing and can detect some muscle development and I will keep off the scalesas advised.

    Last night I really didn't fancy running( it was dark and could only run on the roads)but once I got out there it was good.

    I just went out with no set course and ran about 7.5k.

  • Maccy

    Well done on getting this far. I think you will reach a plateau in your weight loss when other things start to happen as you have been advised above. How tall are you anyway ?
    So don't get depressed and look forward to your 10k. You never know, by this time next year you might have a half marathon under your belt and be contemplating a full one.
  • Thanks Bobolink,

    I'm 5'9.

    I'm hoping to go beyond a half as I am setting a goal to run a full marathon ( maybe even London entry permitting.)

    As a youth athlete I represented Kent in both cross-country and on the track so feel I can achieve this.

    The only problem is that up till now my mind set has not been right. Instead of just developing my running again for enjoyment I have tried to hard to run like I used to. I think I'm over that now!
  • Oh Maccy, I can't help being jealous - sorry! I'd love to have a 'history' of running so that I had something more concrete to aim at. I started on June 20 and am going to try 3.5 miles in the morning, having managed a maximum of 2 miles so far. Wish me luck!
  • Well done Maccy and keep it up.

    Sassie I think you should enter yourself for a 5k race for say the next month or so. Just knowing that you have done this will motivate you and give you something to aim for.

    Sammy :0)
  • Sammy - I made it, so I'm going to take your advice. Who cares if I'm last?!
  • Sassie

    I am new to this site - just wanted to encourage you to enter a 5K. I started running (very slowly) just over a year ago and did my first 5K in July. I did it with some energy to spare and feel it's more of a mental breakthrough than a physical one. Every time I go out I'm proving to myself that I can do it!! Good luck.
  • Sassie,

    When I started running at the start of this year I couldn't manage 400 meteres on the treadmill. With the encouragement of the staff at my local leisure centre I stuck with it and so far I have completed a 5 miler and three 10k's. I am now building up to a half marathon and completed an eleven mile run yesterday, my longest yet.

    My message is, stick with it even on the days when you don't feel like it and don't worry about having the occasional bad run (the next one is always better). Enter races just to give yourself a goal it doesn't matter how fast you are as long as you are in it.

    Good luck!

  • Sassie I am so glad you are gonna take my advice. Remember always try to have goals, both long-term and short-term.

    I started running over 5 weeks ago and at that time my goal was to complete the Nike Run London 10k which I did do in 57 mins (I am still well chuffed with my time). My next short-term goal is to run a 10 miler race then a half-marathon. My long-term goal is to complete a full marathon.

    With time and effort I know that all my goals will come true.

    Sammy :0)

  • Great advice Dragon breath.

    Well done Sammy on the nike 10k. brilliant considering you've only been running 5 weeks.

    Sassie, I think the guys are right> Enter a race and then the bug will get you even more. I haven't yet raced since returning but when I entered the Dulwich race it seemed to give me much more enthusiasm for training every other day.

    I detect that you were "chuffed" when you completed the 3.5K this morning. I strongly believe that the more you do the more you want to do. I would temper that by saying that you shouldn't be too ambitious too soon and make your goals achievable ones. All the best.
  • well done for losing the weight
  • Sukay, DB, Sammy and Maccy; thanx so much for all your encouragement. I'll find that race today!
  • Maccy,
    Why don't you come & join in on the 'Fat Club' thread over on the Health & Fitness forum. We start a new one every day and encourage each other and have a bit of a laugh too!
    Michelle x
  • Michelle, got your message and posted on the "Fit-fit club thread"

    I received my number for the "Dulwich 10K" today and can't help having a chuckle about entering a race after so many years.
  • Good luck maccy
    Youll be a pro in no time!1
  • Cheers Benz.
  • Well I'm also one of these 16+ stoners (103kg to be exact - why don't people use kg as it's what kids are taught - but that's another thread!) and have been on/off training for the FLM for some months, but now with a vengeance now my hols are over. I haven't used scales at home for years and although my weights not changing yet - I use the gym's - my shape is - the belt on my jeans is 2 notches in. Dieting can wait for a while methinks.

    I did a flat 20k on Sunday in 1:30 (ah yes - km - much better than miles but...) and will do 14k tomorrow (run home from work) so the distance is there. For all heavyweights, stick at it.

    FYI - I'm 49 and a retired prop forward who will probably now get kicked out of the Front Row Union for even attempting to run distance!
  • Dick at 49 you should still think in old money. But seriously well done to you and maccie and everyone else who is successfully losing wait. Mine stays static at about 15st, or 210 lbs, or 97 kgish.

    Sassie I am fed up with putting this on this site but it doesn't matter about being last you will probably get the biggest cheer. But if you are worried try a reasonably sized race it will have 2 advantages, you probably won't be last and you are unlikely to be running a long distance on your own.There is nothing more demoralising that being outin the wilds all alone when you are sttruggling. Keep at it and good luck.
  • Thanks Head Gone. I WILL do a 5K, I WILL!
  • Thanks for the advice "Run 4 your life".

    I am actually calorie counting fairly accurately and am generally keeping to around 1500 cals per day.

    I think this is giving me the defecit i need to lose further weight and have in fact done so since starting this thread.
    ( On sunday I was 13st 10lbs)

    My target is currently 13st 7lbs but I may review this to 13st as I am not suffering too much and really enjoying the running.
  • Sassie

    Are you going to do the Crowborough 10k on Dec 1? There'll be plenty of forum people there to help you round if you need help.

  • Cmon Sassie, I will if you will
  • Maccy,

    Having just seen that you have lost a further 4lbs since your first post,perhaps your orignal fears were unfounded :-)

    Congratulations for keeping at it.

  • Guys, I'd love to do Crowborough, even if I had to walk half of it, but I've just realised it's a Sunday, and I'm a priest (ooops, I haven't just realised I'm a priest - I knew that bit, I mean about the day!) December 1st is Advent Sunday as well, which is an important date in the church's year, so I can't be away. This Sunday racing thing is really beginning to bug me! Hang on though - what time does it start?
  • Danny M

    I think you're right. I hope the couple of weeks where I didn't lose any was just a plateau and i can have a period where I will lose a pound or two per week.

    I really can now start to see the difference in my body shape but want to gently work on my stomach without aggravating old back injuries. (Does anyone have any ideas.

    I feel much better this week about the dieting and the training is going well. I ran 7K on tuesday and did some sprints on wednesday ( 10 x 150's) along with a gentle nile or so warm up / down.

    I'm resting today prior to hopefully a couple of steady sessions over the weekend.

  • Great Week.

    Just finished 13.5k run thrigh wonderful countryside!

    Can't believe it. Lost another 3lbs this week. Down to 13st 7 lbs.

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