Hi All,

Any tips on how to beat fatigue? I am training for my 3rd half and have increased the training plan from 20 miles per week to 35 and am feeling the difference. I am able to complete the runs no problem, but then I feeling sooo tired. I have a smoothie when I get back made with bananna, bluberries and yogurt and drink plenty of fluids.

Any advice would be great, thanks.



  • Don't laugh but - go to bed earlier/lie in later.

    The elites spend a lot of their non-training time asleep and feel tired most of the rest of the time!

  • Agree with Fido2Dogs.

    Also food gives you energy. So you need to look at your day to day diet not just on the day you run or your post run recovery.

  • Thanks guys, sleep is defo the best recovery for me. I eat really well and balanced, so off to bed I go for my 5.45am run before work tomorrowimage

  • sounds like your doing great poppyzest, image nothing wrong with early nites, i prefer to run early in the mornings than late in the evenings when i get home from work,

    i always put a minute pinch of salt in my water when i run, i seem to run better than when i have a sugary drink, mind you  i make up for it as i have 3 sugars in my tea.

  • Thats interesting about the salt Talos and I have noticed in this humidity even at 5.45am I am soaking wet with sweat and i am the type of person that really does not sweat that much! So, maybe it is de hydration!

    Thanks for the tipsimage

  • You have almost doubled your milage ?  But that said - its still only what 6 or 7 hours a week - so it shouldnt wipe you out too much.  

    BUT if you're getting tired - you'd be better off easing off on the running - or you'll run yourself into the ground. Listen to your body. Dont carry on regardless because you have this magic figure of miles to hit. 

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