Merida bikes?

looking for an entry bike in the £600 range through the bike2work scheme, i was alerted to the Felts however the stockists of them are not on the approved lists from my employees.


i visited a shop today i have known for years, they are a specialized dealer and also stock Meridas.

i was looking at the Specialized Allez coming in around £600 thinking that i may have to have a closer look but the manager said if i am going to spend £600 have a look at the Merida race lite.

Lovely to look at and he tells me Merida make alot of frames for all the other big companies? if thats true the frame should be decent enough, carbon forks, with sora components.


ive googled reviews but i cannot find the bike online, it was a merida race lite in black and green. lovely to look at.


So has anyone got anything positive to say about them? or is it continue shopping?




  • Hi there,

    I bought this bike 2 weeks ago from a local dealer- it is my first road bike. When speaking to the shop owner he mentioned that Merida owns Specialized so the specs are very similar and they have a heritage of all things bike. The Race Lite is a brand new bike- he said he only got it into the shop 2 days before I bought it and is the best value bike he has seen in a while in terms of components and quality. Having been out on it once on a short ride and more recently on a 12 mile ride I have nothing bad to say about it, really light and easy to ride.

  • thank you, only concern is i could not find the black and green version online, he said it was the 904 but everywhere online says £999 and he is selling it for £600, maybe it is the same bike!

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    Chances are  it'll be a model further down the range - they might be the same frame but have different components.   The RaceLite looks to have Shimano 105 rather than Sora - googling suggests it might be a RideLite he's selling.  

  • defo a race lite, unless he has changed the stickers around?

  • It is the Race Lite 900 model- 2013.

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    That'll be it then - it's a cheaper model than the 904 the others have got for £900 anyway which explains why he's selling it for £600 - still might be a good buy though.

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