Finding the right training plan

Even though I've signed up to my fourth half marathon - choosing the right training plan seems like an uphill struggle.
Twelve weeks seems to be the optimum amount of time to get in shape, but filling those three months with the right amount (and sort) of training is the trick.
Up until this year I'd toyed with plans which included cross training including bike work and swimming. I'd even used the Nike Plus coaching system which talked about half race pace and interval work - whatever they are.
I finally settled on the Bupa intermediate half marathon training, which dispenses with all this in favour of simple times runs, speed work, long week end runs and gradual building of momentum until race day. It's based on four runs a week and mixes stamina with speed to target an improved finish time on the big day.
It helped me knock 11 minutes off my personal best. Link attached below, let me know what you think...
Bupa half marathon training - external site


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