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My background is as a runner, but after a couple of one hour bike rides to increase fitness for running, some research on road bikes (currently only a MTB with road tyres) and reading this forum, the devil on my shoulder is talking me into an ironman. I am entered for the Brighton Marathon next year, so that will remain my next focus. What are my options for a summer/autumn IM, did a search on RW but only 3 came up and one was a double.  Seen people mention the Outlaw. Also, people on the forum keep talking about Pirates, what/when/who is it? A Tri club?  


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    You need a website such as Tri247 or the BTF website that will give you a list of Ironman events, or you try the Ironman website to get the full International range

    Outlaw is a non branded distance held in Nottingham and a very well orgainsed race

    The UK has a fair amount of choice these days when it comes to Iron distance

    The pirates are an informal internet based (ie here) club, you need the right attitude and a willingness to participate along with a collection of yellow and black lycra


  • Go to Fatman to IM thread, read from start and you'll find all the answers to all questions

    Sorry on phone and too much to type image

    1. IM Lanza - may

    2. Outlaw - early July

    3. IM Bolton - late July

    4. IM Wales - September

    5. Challenge Henley - September (pirate champs 2013)
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  • Ok just do 1,2 and 5 then...

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    Ok, the plan.  Carry on with my current 4 runs a week, add 2 cycle sessions (before work) of 60-90mins and swim whilst my daughters have their swim lesson (only 30mins though). If i find any extra time, use it for extra swimming. Eat more, going to need it. 

  • Read fatman to ironman thread

    Buy "Be Iron Fit" by Don Fink, pick your weakest discipline and focus on that since we're in the off season...

    Assuming you're a half decent runner drop a run session, it won't hurt your mara ambitions unless you're trying o qualify for comrades seeding or Boston

    Get in a long bike at weekend as well as your long run, find time for swimming you need to build that base and you need o prepare for open water if you're not already accustomed

    You need 30 or so weeks, so tbh you don't have to go all out right now, and assuming you're a decent enough runner I would be focusing on building a basebin the others and deffo my weakest
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    Agree, need to do more of the new disiplines. But, will start with a little and build up/transition over to avoid injury.  Not a bad runner - 10k=39mins, Half M=1hr29, Mara=3hr28.  With regards to OW swimming, are there rules on rivers/lakes etc. or can you just jump in and go. I live 1K away from Worthing seafront so can do sea swimming.

  • I'd add ... if you want a big IM experence forget about anything in the UK and go for a IM branded race in Europe (if funds allow). as well as the list above the are a few of us going out to IM Switzerland, But Frankfurt, Regansburg, Austria and franc are all good races to.

    Also an alternitive book to Fink's is 'Going Long' by Joe Friel and Gordon Bryn .. i'm not a fink fan

  • Gordon also has a good website under Gordo Byrn

  • Dreaming Of Magic wrote (see)
    With regards to OW swimming, are there rules on rivers/lakes etc. or can you just jump in and go. I live 1K away from Worthing seafront so can do sea swimming.

    Generally you can swim in the sea and any navigable waterway, although there are local and common sense rules. (Check out one of the open water swimming websites for more details.) The main rule is don't swim on your own. Rip tides/ currents are also a hazard of sea swimming, so an organised tri club lake or lido would be safer to start with.

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    Thanks for the help and advice. Going to crack on with the training and build my base.  I have Barns Green half marathon on 30th Sept and Brighton 10k mid November (and cross country for my club through the winter).  My work re-opens its cycle to work scheme in October, so perfect for me to give cycling a go and see where it takes me before spending money on it.

  • Hi DoM 

    I live in worthing too. The local tri club called Tuff Fitty and they are pretty friendly, they arrange swims in the sea, and also at southwater lake, generally they are done  via their forum..

    Additionally to that you can also swim on Thursdays and Sundays at Chichester lake, however there, they do charge a fiver, so I dont often bother when you can swim for free elsewhere.

    I happen to know also there is also a bit of a club expedition going out to Frankfurt next year also.


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