Socks or no socks?

I was thinking last night, and updated my blog about it, but does anyone else not wear socks when they run. I actually don't wear them at all. Ever. I'd like to see other peoples opinions on this. Some people think I'm weird. I think a sock is weird!


  • Personal choice. My OH also never wears socks, I always do because in spite of running my entire life, my feet still blister no matter what shoes I wear if I don't have socks on.

  • I do a bit of both. Long runs always wear socks. Sometimes run without to try to harden my feet up for triathlons.

  • depends on my shoes, my distance runs i always wear socks, but i often do trail running in Vibram Five Fingers which i dont wear any, and also my track spikes i dont wear any either. 

  • I always wear socks as, like Bionic Ironwolf, I too get blisters if I don't I also quite like the feeling of that extra bit of support.

  • Every runner I know wears socks for running. Don't know any who don't. If you prefer none and aren't getting any blisters, great! I remember my first triathlon, laying out my kit in the transition area, and being soundly ridiculed for laying out socks with my trainers. The reaction I got, you'd have thought I had stabilisers on my bike or something!

  • Socks. I'd get serious blisters if I didn't. Just couldn't run without them. Ever.

  • I reckon I would definitely get blisters without socks. Unless I also ran without shoes, which I am not going to do!

  • Always always socks. Well, never tried without, but I think my feet would hurt! image

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