Kilomathon London 26.2



  • As I've already said on the other thread.

    Stick to events organised by running clubs; your money isn't then paying someones salary. Money spent on the race is £ out of their pocket.

    There are now too many races that are organised by "professionals" who would struggle to find their ar*ehole with two hands and a mirror. There are some good ones but they usually have the full support of local running clubs who provide the marshalls, officials, etc.


  • One piece of good news I complained and have just been offered a refund for transport.  

  • Kaza, thats good but  we shouldn't have  to complain before we get a refund, the first thing they should have done was to refund all transport money without being asked,

    As for value for money it's a joke, a couple of years ago I did an "ultra" 40 mile  with the Long Distance Walkers Association (runners welcome). There were 5 check points all with tea, coffee, cake and sandwiches plus a pasta meal at the finish, cost.. £9.00.

  • Just complained via the feedback form.

    The transport was appalling.  If the driver had to have a break due to "health and safety" not much "health and safety" was given to the runners standing out for over 90 mins in the cold.  Well done to the First aiders giving out the tin foil to keep us warm. Also well done to the girl organising the queue to the best she could whilst getting a stream of abuse from us all.  She should not have been put in that position.  The trip back to the water centre to wait in the "warm" and then being told to get out of reception as we were crowding the facility were pure comedy when i look back at it now.

    Also what happened to the t-shirt?  I had to fill in the size I wanted on the entry form.  If I am being told that this was replaced by the very poor quality watch, that stopped working within a minute of being opened then I feel that I have been massively ripped off with the entry fee.

    I entered the first Kilomathon 2 years ago - Notts to Derby.  It was excellent.  This race, whilst enjoyable from my own perspective (a great run by my own standards) does not compare.  Yes it was cold and miserable, but things like the pathetic watch, and the wait for the bus (which would have been better if I had my finishing t-shirt on as an extra layer) made it even more miserable.


  • I've not even bothered with the crappy watch.  I'd forgotten that we were "promised" a t-shirt too....

  • I would have liked a t-shirt...did anyone get haribo's? call it curiosity

  • Yes I got Haribos


  • I did too - and two " Eat Natural" bars.  Altrhough I've just looked at those and their "use-by" date is today!! Bloomin' cheapskates..........image

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