very quick question

I had my first swimming lesson in 25 years yesterday. In my lengthy feedback (a lot of bad habits), I need to do such technical things as this:

2 x 100m on 20 ri

But I'm too embarassed to ask my what ri means though. Can somebody tell me?




  • It's a guess but 2 lots of 100 metre swims with a 20 second rest interval in between each one (RI)

  • 20 seconds Rest Interval between each 100m swim image

  • Yup, ri = rest interval
  • I'm getting it. I need to work on my FQS too - so I'm learning the jargon 

  • you got me there.. FQS?

  • FQS - Front quadrant swimming

    It means swimming so your Han entering the water does so before yor pull passes the half way point ... Ie both arms in front
  • FQS is one of the elements i've just read in total immersion. Very good read so far (only 3 chapters in myself) if your after swimming technique.

  • Have any of you swim-perts got any nice swim sessions? I'm getting a bit bored of swimming up and down.

  • What kind of distance? I find swimming less boring with a set since you are more focused on what you're doing and what's next.. usually follows a pattern of

    warm up - technique - build - main - technique - cool down

    I ideally have about 30% of the total distance done before the main set. The main could be something like 6x200m or 10x100m. I like doing 50m reps off 60 seconds if i'm getting a bit bored. So you basically have 60s to complete 2 lengths including your rest.

  • Check out the book "Workouts in a Binder: Swim Workouts for Triathletes" has loads of good wim sessions in

  • Just looked at the FQS link. I realise I've done this a few times when doing catch-up; I notice that I'm not waiting for the arm to fully extend on the drill before the catch.

  • Check out swimsmooth and do the CSS test and that will give you a time for your intervals as well

  • Dancing in Spikes - I have oodles of training sessions, our tri club coach gives us a new one every session and I have been collecting them for the past two years. They are mostly more than 3000m in length but you could always leave some out. I did post loads of them on this thread last year because people kept asking me to but if you don't want to trawl back looking for them let me know and I'll PM you. Here's a sample.

    1000m easy warm-up - 25m dolphin kick, 75m freestyle, 25m breast, 75m free, repeat.

    6 x 200 - ist one easy, 2nd breathing 3/4 rhythm, 3rd fast.

    400m freestyle with pull bouy (PB), long 3 - i.e. glide looong on every 3rd stroke.

    100m freestyle, fist drill (fists open, fists closed. repeat, etc.

    800m cooldown - count strokes for 100m, reduce the next by 6, repeat.

  • And another.

    800m easy warmup.

    400m breathing drills - 100m breathing 2nd and 3rd strokes, 100m 3rd and 4th, 100m 4th and 5th, 100m 5th and 6th.

    4 x 50m fast, 20 secs RI

    4 x 100m fast, 20 secs RI

    4 x 200m fast, 20 secs RI

    200m, 50m back/50m breast/50m back/50m breast

    800m easy cooldown

  • Easy.

    50*100m - 20 sec RI

    easy to remember - did I have rest last time I was in the shallow end, if so continue, if not stop for 20 secs. Have I done 50 reps - check to see if arms still attached. image


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