very quick question

I had my first swimming lesson in 25 years yesterday. In my lengthy feedback (a lot of bad habits), I need to do such technical things as this:

2 x 100m on 20 ri

But I'm too embarassed to ask my what ri means though. Can somebody tell me?




  • It's a guess but 2 lots of 100 metre swims with a 20 second rest interval in between each one (RI)

  • 20 seconds Rest Interval between each 100m swim image

  • Yup, ri = rest interval
  • I'm getting it. I need to work on my FQS too - so I'm learning the jargon 

  • you got me there.. FQS?

  • FQS - Front quadrant swimming

    It means swimming so your Han entering the water does so before yor pull passes the half way point ... Ie both arms in front
  • FQS is one of the elements i've just read in total immersion. Very good read so far (only 3 chapters in myself) if your after swimming technique.

  • Have any of you swim-perts got any nice swim sessions? I'm getting a bit bored of swimming up and down.

  • What kind of distance? I find swimming less boring with a set since you are more focused on what you're doing and what's next.. usually follows a pattern of

    warm up - technique - build - main - technique - cool down

    I ideally have about 30% of the total distance done before the main set. The main could be something like 6x200m or 10x100m. I like doing 50m reps off 60 seconds if i'm getting a bit bored. So you basically have 60s to complete 2 lengths including your rest.

  • Check out the book "Workouts in a Binder: Swim Workouts for Triathletes" has loads of good wim sessions in

  • Just looked at the FQS link. I realise I've done this a few times when doing catch-up; I notice that I'm not waiting for the arm to fully extend on the drill before the catch.

  • Check out swimsmooth and do the CSS test and that will give you a time for your intervals as well

  • Easy.

    50*100m - 20 sec RI

    easy to remember - did I have rest last time I was in the shallow end, if so continue, if not stop for 20 secs. Have I done 50 reps - check to see if arms still attached. image


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