Olympic Park Races??

I know they had the national lottery 5 miler and the newham 10k there this year, but walking around the olympic park last week I noticed how massive it was, and how they could really lay on an awesome/fast/flat/iconic 10k course within the park...and maybe even let us finish in the stadium? I know paralympics have to happen first, but before they start knocking bits down, would be great to have an event or two in there. I'd personally pay a higher than average 10k cost in order to do that race, especially if you get to run on the track at the start or finish.

Anyone know of any planned? Its not the sort of thing you can easily do a google search for. But currently no info regarding 2013 editions of the newham or lottery races. If they want to recoup more money for putting on the olympics, it seems a no brainer to me.


  • I think it would be great to do this Wayne.  How cool would that be, running around the Olympic site before West Ham or whoever get their hands on it.

    I'll nominate you as Race Director and I'll join to help organise....image

  • +1 (and I live in Cumbria!) - would have to be at the finish tho' - start would be too cluttered.

    Would be loads of people who wanted to do so would suggest a weekend of maybe 4 races am,pm,am,pm?

    How do we make this happen?

  • Does anyone have Seb Coe on speed dial? It's a brilliant idea image

  • I've sent suggestion to Locog - will let you know if they reply.

  • Well done Skinny Fetish Fan - please keep me involved as I'm serious about my offer of help.


  • I have already received the following replyimage

    Thank you for your email.  Our team is looking into your enquiry and will respond as soon as possible. 

    I suggested it could be a Legacy Kick Off Weekend with a selection of 5k and 10k races all finishing in stadium - see what happens.

    PS Wayne - if I get invited to be official starter with Mo Farah I'll tell them it was your idea not mine! If I get invited to be official starter with Jess Ennis on the other hand..........image

  • Do you think it would be worth multiple people sending emails? Surely the more people who suggest it, the more seriously they'll take the request?

  • Deffos - I just went on Contact Us at London 2012 website and right at bottom there is a General Query Email.

    Think ringing Lord Coe might be even better - you can ring his parliamentary office - there is a phone number on his parliamentary website - I'm sure his secretary will pass on the suggestion - particularly if she's getting pestered by thousands of us!!

  • Now there's an idea! image

  • Whatever race they have, they wont be able to have the name "olympics" in the title or marketing, or even have any olympic rings logos in any PR or finishing pictures due to the way the IOC do the copyright. So my guess would be the local council will be the ones to put something on under the new name (Queen Elizabeth Park or something I think).

    Slightly related, there are loads of races if you fancy running round dorney lake (where the rowing and sprint kayak was). One lap is basically 5k, so they have several 5k and 10k events, plus duathlons there thoughout the year. Although its an open site, so providing there isnt a regatta or...or the olympics....you can just show up and go for a run anytime.

    F3 events do all the winter ones and 2013 dates already locked in. Wont be the same as the olympic park, but its as flat as flat can be if you fancy a PB.....unless you get unlucky and its a really windy day. http://www.f3events.co.uk/  Hoping the leave the big olympic rings up at the site, but for the same copyright reasons, pretty sure they'll be going.

  • You might get on better contacting Seb Coe through his charity, which has an objective of 'promotion of community participation in healthy recreation through sport'. Their phone might not be quite so busy as the House of Lords'.

  • Right, I've emailed too image

    Also, a bit of cyber stalking - contact details for Lord Seb

    House of Lords, London, SW1A 0PW
    Tel: 020 7219 5353

    (from here)

  • Get Boris on it! He can ride the pace bike at the front.

    Judging by people being happy to pay £50 for the British 10k (the nike sponsored one, which sadly wasnt accurately measured, under UKA rules or using a proper start), I think theres a money spinner here. Whether they chanel that money into the sports legacy fund, charities or the local council, I'd most likely pay £50 to run around the park....moreso if it meant I got to finish on the track. Not sure how long it will be after the para's before stadium remodelling happens to make it into a football stadium/running track but people are so high on the olympics at the moment I feel like they are missing a trick....a trick that will make a lot of money and give us all a wicked experience.

    Im sure they had the nike human race 10k in 2010 that finished in wembley stadium and every year I do the reading half marathon which finishes in the madjeski stadium, and arsenal have a multi lap 5k going around their stadium a few times. Good fun!


  • I've just had the automated response from the London 2012 website image

    Has anyone phoned Seb yet? image

  • Oh I would pay extra to come from Scotland to do one if they did it. That would be ace. I am sure they would get a good turnout.
  • Send an email!

    Contact form at the bottom of the page

  • E-Mail sent......


  • They sold the last one as a "once in a lifetime opportunity", so I guess it's only a matter of time 'til it's an annual event, (and a hugely inflated price).

    Cynical?  Moi??  image

  • I suppose it was once in a lifetime because we were the first to cross the Olympic finish line . . .

    Not that I'm boasting lol.

    Sounds like a fab idea and one that would be a great money earner, what a great way to move forward after the Olympics as I know the last one got people up and running who never ran before.



  • it really was a great race, finishing in the stadium was a buzz, the wall of noise from just 15,000 people was immense, all i can think is how amazing it was with 80,000 in there last week.

  • Human race at wembley was a farce, crammed into the stadium in p rain for 2 hours beforehand to listen to the music, the tried to get out onto a dark course which effectively was around the stadium and did not finish inside...the bottleneck at the start...

    Taught everyone a lesson that iconic venues are a good sales pitch but did not make for a good running experience..think nike were put off so much that they haven't directly organised a nike 10 k since...

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