Best Half IM in lead up to IM France?

Hi all,

I am looking for suggestions on the best half IM to do in the build up to doing IM France in 2013?

Has anyone raced any good ones previously in the earlier part of the year they can recommend?

All suggestions welcome.




  • it depends how far out from the France date you want as there are quite a few 1/2 IM events in May and June.

    May - Marshman, Swashbuckler, Belvoir 

    June - Bala, Wimbleball 70.3

    that's just a few off the top of my head

  • Cheers FB

    My aim was for Marshman but I missed the signup and its sold out.  I will check out the others though.

    I'm thinking I don't want it too close but end of April or May should be fine.  Just want to use it as a prolonged training session and transition practice after months of training.


  • you won't find any UK halfs in April - Marshman is the traditional opener in early May. weather can be hit and miss though - this year it became a duathlon as the water was too cold and it was pissing down as well.   

    Marshman hasn't sold out btw - it's not even opened for entries yet and  the website is only showing this year's date which will show sold out as it has gone.   Mike (who runs VE) usually opens up for next year's events in Autumn so keep an eye on the website for when entries open.   someone will usually pop a thread up on here to let people know as well

  • Ah okay its just me not paying attention!! 

    Yeah I emailed Mike in June and he said Aug the 1st but obviously this hasn't happened yet.  I think that's what confuseed me when I saw the 'Sold Out' on the website.

    I've just dropped him another email so I will post on here any dates he gives me.


  • I was one of the refs at this year's events and no doubt will either be doing the same next year, or competing instead.

  • Failing that there's Mallorca? image
  • Yeah I had a look at that.  its the Thomas Cook sponsored one (I think).  have you done this before TE?

    I have a few things going on nxt year so my only issue with that is time off work or i'd have signed up already!!  image


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