Advice and tips please :)

Helloo everyone!!

I have decided to give triathlons a go, and the london triahlon this year will be my first! Im a little nervous, mainly because Im not sure what to expect! So if anyone has any tips about anything I would be really greatful!

The main things Im thinking about is the starts? what nutrition I need on the way round? Transitions? What is the course like?

Anything would be really helpful!

Thank you!!


  • Charlotte- have a read of this thread, hopefully it answers some of your queries

  • start at the back of the swim and just follow, no chance of getting ''stressed'' right at the start! Try not to swallow any London water, unless you are local in which case you may  be immune.

  • That a relief! I am local so it should be too bad image. And I used to row in the docks, so have probably already swallowed half of it!!

    What would you recommend for nutrition ont hee way round? (Im doing the sprint distance)

    Also is the course mainly flat or are there a few hilly bits?

  • for a sprint you dont really need nutrition - a bit of fluid is all - on the bike - not in the water image

  • nutrition +1 - nothing required I would suggest, you probably could even miss the fluid on the bike and be okay UNLESS of course it is really hot, you know with the indian summer we're obviously going to have!

    I'm also doing London but the olympic distance


  • Is it still held at excel? - if so then be very careful on the exit ramp on the bike, if its raining or later in the day after the first few waves have passed through then the ramps are slippy and several people came off when I did it four years ago.

    If its the same bike course then there are NO hills at all its all on dual carriageways, only inclines are the overpasses, some of the roundabouts can be interesting if several people converge at the same time.

  • Hopefully, if this goes well, the plan will be to do another couple of sprints then move upto the olympic....but I think that is a little way off! :P

    Thank you all for your help, it is definately making me feel a little bit better abut it all!

  • Well u could do Vachery sprint bank hol weekend, then London and look for late one after.... Then some duathlons, start fink early next year, do an oly then a half and then Challenge Henley in September 2013?
  • H Charlotte,

    Congrats on taking on the challenge of doing a sprint tri at the London Tri! In addition to the wise words of wisedom already offered, I'd like to add ... have FUN!

    I know it's a 'race' ... yet you do not have to go 'all out' and never want to see another event again. For all first timers, I suggest to go out and have fun, and cross the finish line with the thought 'hey, I could do that again!' (well, maybe not right afterwards anyways!! image)

    Unless someone is twisting your arm to compete, I imagine you are most likely taking on this event because you want to stretch your comfort zones and challenge yourself. Am I right? So, go out and enjoy yourself.

    London Tri can be daunting because of the numbers of participants and the sheer size of the transition area. Just make sure you remember where you racked your bike!!

    Good luck!

  • amen to the above , there is always time to move on up the distances as long as you are having fun!

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