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I know this is a bit of a strange question so I stuck it in the beginners section as its a bit of a beginners question.

Doing an event in December on the coast- Its going to be wet and cold without a doubt- I have to take mandatory kit. One thing  obviously being a jacket. Being mandatory do most race officials check your kit before the race? Will they be picky and say '' mate it aint gore tex or 'its only shower proof and not tornado proof' etc?

Now the only jacket I have ever owned for running is a super cheap Hi Vis jacket which acts like a sauna in any temperature over 5 degrees.

So i am looking into getting a jacket for not very nice conditions. I thought now would be a good time because its summer and who wants a winter coat so I'll get some billy bargains image Looking on start fitness website and simply run and there are hundreds of different jackets. Can I get something decent for around 40quid? What should I be looking out for. Plus even if its cold and horrible surely you will just overheat running in any jacket? Or am I a bit last century with technology?


  • I think the idea of requiring it to be tornado proof rather than shower proof is not just for running in - if you bust a leg and end up sitting in a ditch for an hour waiting for help to arrive you might avoid pneumonia.

    You probably can pick up a bargain on something good if you look. Try TKMaxx, they sometimes have unseasonal bargain running kit. Or else events and event expos are a great place to get knock-offs.

    Remember though that a really good value running jacket will last you a long time if you manage not to impale yourself on any barbed wire fences and avoid nasty bike crashes. I have a splash jacket that has lasted me 10 years, though I have just replaced it with a beautiful 2XU one which is my new best friend for rainy days.

  • It might be worth getting one of those 50p plastic ponchos to carry as emergency kit.  Virtually weightless and will keep you dry whilst you are sitting in the proverbial ditch.

  • Ah good thinking batman. Didn't see it like that. You don't ask you do'nt get. Just that I thought if its blowing a hooly and your wearing your jacket and running umpteen miles your going to be soaked through regardless. Ok. As for the plastic poncho good thinking, thats the voice of experience me thinks

  • I ran part of the London Marathon in a pushchair cover, bought from the local pound shop, with a hole cut in it for my head.  Surprisingly comfy and effective.

  • Cheap jacket + 99p poncho sounds good. (I couldn't a 50p one). And with no intent to spam or advertise, Sportsshoes have a lot of jackets in their sale.

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