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Hiya! I was hoping for a bit of advice please. I recently took the decision to attempt a cto5k programme. I have 3 boys aged 5, 3 and 6 months and I just can't keep up with them! I would say I am quite unfit although probably just above average weight for my height (I'm 6' and 13st 5). I'm not doing this particularly to lose weight, I would just like to be fit! Ok so I went for my first "run" yesterday and thought I managed pretty well (actually surprised myself). However today I'm totally aching! Now I'm not completely idiotic - I did expect to be a bit sore today but I'm not sure if this is normal! My outer, upper thighs are sore, outer ankles and shins and also stomach! I was planning on running Monday, Wednesday and friday.I am really hoping to run on weds, however I do not want to cause myself an injury! Any advice gratefully received! Katie x


  • Stretch, warm up with a walk and repeat for cooling down.  Many of the Cto5k jobbies start and finish with said 5 minute "brisk" walk.

    To assist with recovery I swear by Epsom salts.  Although I'm not running yet I do a fair amount of cycling and gym work; I suffer from a bad back (waiting for surgery).  A 20 minutes soak seems to really help with me if/when I get exercise induced aches and pains.




  • what is your training schedule like?

  • It's an app called rundouble. 3 runs per week for 9 weeks building up to 5k, starting slowly with walk/runs for 30 mins. Brisk 5 min walk at beginning and end. Yesterday was run 60 sec then walk 90 sec and is the same (i think for the rest of the week). I was planning on running Monday Wednesday and Friday.

    Thanks mart will def try the soak!
  • Oh and I have proper running shoes too.
  • I get mine in 5 kg bags off Amazon...seems to be the best value.

  • Well done, you have started, always the hardest part. If the 60 sec bit is too much knock that down a little, maybe 45 secs. Dont go and push yourself whilst you are aching, your muscles are rebuilding themselves, allow a couple of runs just to get in the swing of it then pick up on the schedule again. If you rush it now you could put yourself off running and that would be a great shame. In a couple of months you will have picked up distance and speed dramatically, just give yourself a little time.

  • Thanks happy - actually think I managed ok with the 60 sec runs. So do you think ifim still achy in the morning to put off till Thurs?
  • And also am I right in thinking that once my body gets used to running I won't ache as much?
  • Thanks happy - actually think I managed ok with the 60 sec runs. So do you think ifim still achy in the morning to put off till Thurs?
  • yes allow your body to recover, if you really ache you wont run relaxed, you will then make other muscles you didnt use on the first day ache etc etc. however giving yourself an extra 24/48 hrs at this point will be fine, you only ache when you have pushed unused muscles so this is natural and it wont last long, just take it steady, remember hare and totoise, the guy with the shell will be far fitter in a month or two.

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