LSRs or interval for weight loss?

I'm interested to know whether losing weight through running is primarily due to lsrs, to speedwork/interval training, or to the combination of both? I've been running 4-5 times weekly, 25-30 miles per week, for 2 years now. I go for one lsr, one tempo/interval and two easy runs per week. My main goals are enjoyment, relaxation and fitness, I'm not into racing. I initially got into running to lose weight and quickly reached my target weight (60k, I'm 5"6"), and have maintained this. I'd just like to know why that happened, because I have friends who want to start running in order to lose weight. I normally feel a lot hungrier after lsrs so wondered if they are primarily responsible for weight loss? 


  • LSRs burn calories, intervals speed metabolism. The combination of both that you adopted is a good idea.

  • From my experience, losing weight through running just doesn't happen. LSRs, intervals, whatever, the only way I lose weight is a combination of exercise AND a strict diet.

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