Cross Bay Challenge 2012 13.1

Only a suggestion.... the ample water stations did not all have bins after them (only one of them did that I spotted), so that we runners were obliged to just chuck our cups or bottles down willy-nilly. I soooo hope that the excellent marshals managed to clean up after us! Maybe get bins (wheelie bins?) after all water stations next time (maybe 50m after each station, to give us a chance to glug down some fluids before flinging).

Great run - fantastic effort from the organisers and all marshals. Thank you.


  • I spotted a couple of bins but I poured water left out of my bottle then ran with it to next water station where I threw it at a marshall - not ideal but better than polluting the environment.

    Does anyone know if there are ever going to be any photos published? Keep looking on event website and also Boswell Photographics but nothing yet? Perhaps all our grimaces as we leaned into the wind are too horrific to publish!!

  • A brilliant,brilliant race, so tough and gruelling,but what a day. Wonderful runners, fantastic marshalls, ace coach driver, all so very happy and helpful. Truly well organised and a must do race. Thankyou!!!
  • Ditto - what a brilliant race! I've not stopped talking about it since I got back and have roped in about 20 people for next year image Such a unique experience, beautiful scenery and great organisation/marshalls etc.

  • I really can't understand why this race has such a 'low' rating this year. It is way better than the rating suggests.

    Andy, I agree... the other runners made it even better.. had a few good chats along the way. All very friendly. Great race.

  • Cheers to you Dr Robert (and Roxy) - see you next year I hope!!!


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