Vitruvian tri

Hi everyone, jjust want to clarify that I'm still looking for a runner team-mate for Vitruvian Tri on Sat 8 Sept (half marathon distance) to join Little Sis & I.  For anyone who may have read the other thread & thought it was sorted, Cake does have something else on that day so is only a maybe if no-one else is about (and he would need to clear it with the bookworm first too) so if there was someone that could definitely do it please let me know!

I know it isn't anyone here's fault that I'm in this position, but if I can't find someone in the next day or 2 I'll have to cancel and at this stage I won't get any credit back (from £115) so really would be ever so grateful if someone was willing to do it!  To grovel a bit more it's a pretty flat course (although that will probably turn some of you lot off!) and you do get some nice goodies from it (last year was a nice t-shirt, cycle vest, high5 nutrition kit & medal) and I'm really not bothered by times at all!!

If you have any questions or if any further grovelling is required please let me know!!


  • If it makes the difference between you going and having to bin it, I may be able to help. I will need to check with the war office first. What sort of costs are involved (coz I've spent the budget this year) and what time do I need to be there by? It would probably be a drive up, run and drive back job though.

    No promises, yet. 

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