Coventry Half Marathon

Anyone else doing this?

Ive not ran this newer course, i last ran it with the older course which had some pretty brutal parts. anyone run it last year with any feedback on the course?


  • nobody else?

  • I have signed up for this one.

    The course looks similar to the first cov half in 2005 which included radford road and the last cov half i ran in 2008 which inclded allesley etc... Hopefully won't be to hard as I tried bring ham last year and it was torture.
  • Good luck anyone running this one.
  • i'm considering this one, will be interesting to see what other things, the RW reviews i heard were quite positive of this course

  • I ran it last year, not running this year as have moved away and its good but not that good that I am going to drive a 240 mile round trip for!  I reviewed last year, when it was very sunny, and as I don't like the heat, is always going to make it seem harder than usual!  It basically goes out from Coventry, along a lot of rural lanes, and then heads back into Coventry through a park.  It was pretty up or down the whole way, but there are not major hills that I can remember, so as long as you run regularly and incorporate the odd hill into your training this won't pose a significant problem!  It was pretty well organised out on the course, with good local support, just the start/finish was a bit chaotic, coped fine with last years numbers but it wouldn't if there were a lot more running, but I am sure the organisers have taken that on board.  If your local its definitely worth considering, but like I say there are other halfs that wkd which is why I am not travelling for it.  Hope that helps!

  • well its either coventry or oxford half i cant make my mind up yet, need to go and read reviews for both, i've got friends i can stay with in oxford so either is a possibility for me

  • I would read the reviews for Oxford, first running last year seemed to have some major issues! I am running Cardiff that day hence why no Coventry! Sure either will be a good run out!
  • ok will have a look Thanks Laudy

  • i ran the whole course today on a training run. its far from an easy course but its not an unenjoyable one, the 1st 5/6 miles is uphill, the 1st 3 are a gradual but relentless climb and then its a bit up n down, but on mile 5 there is a horrible hill, but its small, the good news is that after the turn around at mile 6 you could roll down the rest to the end, so power up the 1st half, i was using whole new muscle groups for the 2nd half, you basically get fresh legs at 6 miles, it felt like 2 10k's i dont know how to explain it. anyway, my gps trace from today is here if you want it.

    the course is pretty once you get past mile 3 and into the country side, i liked it a lot more than i imagined. its a good course.  

  • thanks Marc thats really useful, its encouraging to read its all downhill from mile 6 lol

  • 3 weeks to go now, weather just took a dive for the worst though, kinda glad, i like colder races.

  • Wow - thanks Marc - I have just ploughed through upcoming events to find one to do, and your GPS info and report is the most helpful yet! I am going to sign up now to do it - might see you on the day! The colder the better as far as I'm concerned!


  • Hi all i've never done a half marathon , and am considering this or birminham half marathon as my first.

    so far the furthest i've done is 10miles. have entered silverstone half next March which will be the one i am training towards, but wanted to mentally prepare by completing the distance this year.i'll essentially be a fun runner and expect a few stops along the way in the second half of the race.

    wasn't sure if i should continue with 10milers or move up to half marathon, swayed towards half amrathon as field will be bigger. - i'm hoping to finish around 2hr15min-2hr20min

    any advise would be great

  • if you have done 10miles you will easily do HM I'm doing Bham half, not sure about this as i will have just run a marathon the week before so will see how my legs feel 

    I have run Silverstone HM and Bham HM before, and Bham is the harder of the 2

    not run coventry so cant speak about the course

    Bham the killer is the last 3miles but its a great atmosphere, loads of support especially now its been picked up by Bupa hence why i'm going to run it again

    If u can do Bham HM you will fly silverstone, thats one of the easiest HM's i've done, it flat all the way

    I'd say go for a HM as you cant beat crossing that finish line its a great feeling and you will be glad you did it ( and u get a medal and a t.shirt with bham not sure what u get for Coventry but i would say at least a medal )

  • i too have done silverstone and birmingham, silverstone is such an easy course, but the lack of crowd can bore some people, im a huge 1 fan so the course itself is amazing to me,

    Birmingham is great all the way round, with a few killer hills near the 11 mile mark i believe it was, (just after edgebaston) since bupa took over the organisation is 10x better, especially at the start/finish line.

    If you plan on doing the birmingham one Vennisa i would check its still open, their Facebook page said it was near full a month ago. 

  • Birmingham entry closes at 5pm TONIGHT, just an FYI

  • Thanks - i've gone with Coventry as i need to be back in London by 3pm on a sundays, and birmingham starts at hour later.

    i'll do Birmnigham next year - thanks for your advise all.


  • This was a really good course  - finished with out stopping in my first ever half so very pleased. it was rather hilly - but just the downhills to get over the uphills!!!

  • I'm glad you enjoyed it Vennisa - well done for keeping going, there were some mean hills in there!  It was the first time I'd completed this route too. The supporters were terrific and I enjoyed every pound of it!image

  • i thought it was good, well organised too. weather (whilst a little icy at the start) was perfect, set my PB yesterday. 

  • Well done Marc - no PB for me, I never expected to as I have been a bit slower since running a trail marathon in the summer, this race did prove however, that my legs still have it and I will beat that PB one day!

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