Great Langdale Marathon 2012

I am taking part in the event on 22/09/2012 (not long to go). Training is going great, currently at 50mpw, and i am running without music as i have heard there is no music players allowed. I am not scared of hills however there seems to be conflicting advice on how hilly this course actually is. I would not class a hill as a 50 yard rise for example only the monsters count! Anyone who has run this please enlighten me i am feeling apprehensive now but feel very much prepared and going to start my taper in 3 weeks time.



  • Go to Events and Great Langdale Marathon and read reviews - I think that just about covers what anyone can write - I've never done it by the way but have aspirations one day.......

    They tag it as 'the Toughest Road Marathon in the World'!

  • Thanks for the quick reply. Dont know if it my work system but Events doesnt seem to be finding the marathon? Any chance you could link it for me here?

  • From memory of doing the half a couple of times (and the marathon is two laps of the half course) there are two very steep hills (about 1 in 3) although they aren't massively prolonged. One is a mile in as you climb out of Great Langdale, the other about 9 miles in just after you cross the road at Skelwith Bridge and head up towards Grasmere. The rest of the route is just very undulating image

    Brilliant race though and finishes in a beer garden.

  • Andy D, thank you very much. I am ready for the challenge and my aim is to finish. I have read reviews saying forget your watch and that is exactly what i am going to do! Beer garden sounds brilliant.

  • Skinny Fetish Fan, thank you for taking the time to supply me with the link.

  • I'm having a go at the full marathon this year after doing the half a few times before. It's a stunning course but is very hilly. The organisation is great and the race director 'rocket rod' is a real character. Training has gone ok so should run/walk round in 4.15 ish. Definately one to forget the watch and enjoy the views (and then the beer garden!!). The missus is driving back!!

  • I have read reviews saying forget your watch and that is exactly what i am going to do! Beer garden sounds brilliant.


  • I did the half and enjoyed it. SO glad i wasnt doing the full though !!

    The first climb had me walking up with my hands on my knees. It really is that steep.

    Absolutely stunning race though.  

  • I am really looking forward to it now. should be a great challenge. I have not done the half however i live near the Lake District and do some fell walking so i know how lumpy it can get up there image . I am looking to complete it in and around 4.15 too DaveClaret. However my plan is ready to change if i have a shock to the system. 4 weeks on Saturday! My taper begins after 2 more long run Sundays.

    Keep well and injury free.

  • Not long now, can't believe how soon it is now. Already getting nervous. I'm going to try another 2 long runs too. Also some healthy eating as have just come back from a music festival which wasn't the best prep!! I maybe revising my target to 4.30!!. Take care all.

  • Hey dave it is coming round fast. I have one more long run of 20 miles on Sunday then begin my taper. I am pretty nervous too but i am sure my real target on the day is to complete the marathon. Train well.

  • I've done it twice before- last time three years ago now, and I can't believe I am going back for more. I ran one loop of the course about ten days ago and have since revised my expectations of bettering my previous times.

    It's tough. Very tough. But it should be erm fun on the day,#!

    Only one more long run and then it's taper time for me too
  • I have being training very hard for the day. I actually live just south of the Lake District (Barrow-in-Furness) so my routes have all contained no flat surfaces really. I have put two really 'big' hills in my 14+ mile routes to try and mirror the course. I have being told there are 2 'big' hills and the rest is up and down, up and down. Is that true Cumberlandrunner?

  • yip-

    the first mile is flat, then a decent climb- then a downhill mile, then constantly undulating to another big climb at mile 11/20 skelwith bridge, a fair descent to mile 23, then a mostly gradual incline back to the start.

    I can't recall any periods of flat running.The undulations are more significant than average if you get my drift image  My half PB is 1hr 46 and it took me just under 2hours to run one loop , although that was during a training run.

    I can't wait thoughimage

  • PS the 'off road' route 'Langdale Horseshoe' fell race is the 13th October. thats a cracker too

  • I did it last year and am just trying to work up courage to enter this year as I have had 6 months off with injury. A great marathon but some big hills, as folk have said 2 big ones which most folk walk, the rest of it is run able by mere mortals like me. Maybe a tough one for my first one back but well should be a good day out.

  • Just completed an 8 miler tonight. Intorduced my legs,hips and butt to a foam roller for the firsttime tonight...ouch!!!. Can see how it will probably work if you grit your teeth. I hope the weather holds out for the day. My wife is due 2 weeks after the run with our 3rd child too so hopefully she can hold on!!. Elspeth Fay you should go for it! Good luck everyone. My bib number is 143. Run strong and stay injury free.  imageimageimage

  • Eslpeth- i was injured for six weeks over the summer, a few years ago and still did it anyway- so enjoy image

    Ryan- home you get some kip and rest in the bank after the marathon before number 3 decides to put in an appearance.

    the other night, I ran up the hill at skelwith bridge 3 times (as you do.......image ), there is one particuarly steep section round the corner- but its mercifully short. tempting though it is to throw in the towel at that point- I managed to keep going. it may be a different story after 10plus miles round them previous hills on the dayimage

    I plan to do 16miles this sunday. onwards..........getting close now......

  • Ran it last year, full marathon in just over 3:30, but comming from Essex, not a lot of hills to practice on. The valley has its own micro climate, so expect cool and damp. You will laugh at the start, original way of starting the race! Enjoy, it's a great experience
  • Thanks Ty. I am in taper mode now, lots of 'phnatom' aches and pains. Next Sat is the big day. Will be able to chack the weather soon!!

  • looking forward to my first Marathon, should be a good un! apparantley nearly 3000ft of total ascent? didn't realise tapering should be done for 3wks before just started on weds I suppose a week and a half is better than nothing. First time I've actually prepared properly for a race going to try and carb load next week and maybe even not have a couple of beers the night beforeimage

  • hahah. I havent had a beer for nearly 16 weeks! Tapering can be argued good and bad so like you said a week and a bit is better than nothing. We will get round it, and if i dont finish the medic will carry me. 8 days and counting

  • is the 16 weeks because of the marathon? if so that's some commitment! I think I've only ever done one race without a couple of beers the night before and didn't notice any difference. what sort of time are you looking at doing? I'm hoping for sub 3.10 I've even decided to wear my old garmin 210 to keep an eye on my average pace. I gave up wearing watches etc for races a few years back, but a bit concerned I might go off too quick on this mara especially with the halfers going off at the same time.

  • Land in UK from Dubai on Thursday. My training has been running in the desert in 40c+ temps all summer. Not too many hills over here but sand dunes are quite tough up and down. See you all on Saturday, I'll be the one in loads of jumper even if its sunny

  • I hope i am going to be there now. I went for my last 'long run' on Saturday. 10 miles was the plan. Got to mile3 and had severe pain in my left foot on the outer edge. Hard to walk at the moment and dont think i am going to be fit. Totally gutted. My friends and family dont really understand how much bad news this is. Docs tonight and i will hear the music, whether its good or bad, i will let you know. image

  • Fingers crossed Ryan, it's amazing what anti infllammatories can do in a few days. diclofenac and naproxen seem to be my weapon of choice nowadays. I very rarely take them though they seem to work better because of this when needed.

  • Ligament sprain. That is what the doc said. I am RICE and going to tape it up. I will prob be running now i think. Come on Saturday!!

  • I will be wearing my Garmin but only to log the stats, not to pace myself. Even after reading all the above comments, i'm looking forward to it, getting close, getting nervous now... which is a good thing i think!

    Beer garden sounds good. Early weather forecast is for a cloudy day, not sure about winds. Anything between 4:15 and 4:30 will do for me. image

  • bbc weather looking near perfect at the moment, 12c part cloudy 8mph winds.

    I'm starting carb loading today, mountain of food to get throughimage

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