Great Langdale Marathon 2012



  • Yip - I'll be happy with under 4:30 (even by a minute) too.

    Getting excited/nervous now - kit's packed and the black cloud has moved off the forecast - 13 degrees - 14mph SW wind when I last looked.  That'll do me nicely. 

    See you there folks! image


  • Still in limbo with this foot ligament strain. Taking anti-infmas and RICE. I am trying everything i can to get there. I will be happy to finish considering in the last 5 days i have sustained and injury and full on cold from the kids after they have gone back to school. Fingers crossed.

  • Anybody know what time the half marathon starts the website says 11 but the letter I got with my number says it starts at 12?
  • I have already emailed them about this. They both start at 12 was the response. !! I would email them to make sure yourself but thats what i was told.

  • wow what a day, my foot gave up at 7 miles, it was a battle with my mind and foot for the other 19 miles. finished in 4hr 58min which considering injury and illness, I am happy. Such a good event. Hope everyone else did well. 

  • Ryan Well done for finishing - that sounds like an epic!  I had a fabulous day - not my fastest (4:26) but definitely one of my favourite runs of all time.  Really glad I paced myself conservatively.  Anyone else have the perception that yes - there are 2 big hills but overall the course is mostly downhill?

    Here's a little momento for you all:


     Yip I hobbled half way up the first hill this morning to take this! 


  • well done ryan and sleepy

    lovely day for itimage

    I got round in 4hrs 7- those last few miles were tortuous though....nice momento of that running shoe embossed paper weight proudly sitting on top of the tellyimage

  • Good run cumberland!  Am glad I'm not the only one that loves the shiny shoe!  Was a truly lovely day wasn't it - we couldn't have asked for better!

    Recover well all - I'm definitely in hobble mode now! image

  • I love the shoe too!! I though the course was really tough and hilly. I live in Cumbria so have expirience running hills and there where a few in this course. I will be returning, hopefully 100% fit and try and get a better time. Like i say this time round i just wanted to finish, had the taper from hell. What a buzz it was running through the finish!! Waiting for results and photos to go up on the website now. imageimage

  • results are up here 

    I had a good first half, 1.31 and feeling fresh, though my hip had started niggling at 8 miles in (I have arthritis) I was hoping it would be ok, though I did a half at the beginning of August where the last 3 miles were agony. Anyway by mile 18 on Saturday hip was killing me and by this time I lost 4th place and by 23 miles I'd gone down to 7th though managed to drag a place back finishing 6th. So quite happy with placing but gutted that my hip flared up. Still really enjoyed it though, T-shirt is ace also like the paper weight type shoey thing.

  • It was a really great day, I went off a bit fast but still got round a minute faster than year so pretty pleased overall and first marathon back after injury.

    Interesting results, seems us ladies were thin on the ground, only 31 out of 173 finishers!

  • I was the last lady in, but I am still pretty pleased given it was my first ever marathon, why start with an easy one....My end face--------image !
    One chap came running out of the three shires as we went past after having a half a guiness, brave man! The weather was picture perfect though and the scenary was lovely, I'm not sure I'd do it again though, the cars drove me nuts on the way round, one guy forced the ambulance to reverse at Little Langdale!

  • well done go faster, it was my first too. not many ladies i thought. I have just entered Brathay Windemere Marathon. Excited would be an understatement. Well done everyone who finished the Langdale beast. 

  • No, mind you I didn't see many people on the second lap, it sure was a lonely lap! But it was indeed a beast, lovely weather for it though. Good look for Windermere image

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