** Advanced Warning ** Pirate Christmas Social



  • Seren, if you're travellodging it then Google reckons 0.3 miles from there (BS1 5TT) to the venue (Antix BS1 5JG).


  • Am I the only one with a mental picture of Seren walking like Dick Emery now?!!

    'Ooo you are awful...!'
  • i think i would win a mincing competition with Gladys wearing the 4 inch heelsimage

  • Seren, wedges (not wedgies boys .. they are different) will be your friend, I promise

    You certainly do NOT want 4 inch heels, trust me, I'm Imelda   image

  • Mmmm big heels

    In other news: Dinner suit now sorted, just need the extras
  • I'm having big shoes issues, why are heels so fecking uncomfortable.  I'm thinking of wearing trainers all evening ...

  • I shall be wearing heels so high, you could call them stilts.  I shall be almost normal height once I am in them.

    I will be arriving at the venue at ca 7.45pm and walking around barefoot at ca 7.48pm.


  • settle for a massive inch and a half heels.high enough to make me feel like a lady but low enough that i won't have far to fall....

    that if i don't change my mind in the next 7 daysimage

  • Think there may be a lot of barefoot pirate ladies on Saturday night image

  • I'm wearing sparkly high heels. I'm already quite tall so I wil look humungus.

    I honestly don't find them too bad comfort wise.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing Seren in heels image

  • Hope.........they are only little heels but it is a dress......and i will have to get stockings and everything.......might even find some jewellry and makeup somewhere.......image..

    one thing i will have to do it dye my hair because my son told me i looked like an old witch yesterday..................it s getting rather grey image

  • I am most excited about seeing Seren all dolled up image I don't think I've ever seen her in anything except kit, post-race kit or "mooching about" stuff, certainly not posh frock. Can't wait. I think I need some skinny jeans.

  • its not a posh posh frock....i decided againgst going all the way.......image

  • But will you still be wearing your Pirate baseball cap?

  • how else will you recognise meimage.i only wear it to hide all the grey hairs


  • Oh dear, this has snuck up on me and I don't have time to buy a posh dress now.  Guess I will be slobbing it then

  • just read back every page and can't find out when the drinking starts.

    What time are we allowed at the venue / do they open?


  • I've told them 7.30pm with the food being served at 8pm.  However, they are open all day and I don't expect they will take issue with people arriving early.

    Website for the venue is here


    If you scroll down to the pics at the bottom of the home page, we are in the rear lounge area - this is the second picture in from the left.

  • SA - I believe we're in the same hotel (as is Rafi). I don't mind a cheeky one a bit earlier.

  • They're very friendly/accommodating - would you like me to go back to them and ask them if we can have our space from 7pm?

  • I'm around from now image

    In Bristol with work so thought it was daft to go home Friday only to return on Saturday. Mrs Matt is arriving Thursday or Friday.

    I'm now paranoid I'm overdressing. Do I need to get another outfit before Saturday?
  • Matt - I think there will be at least 3 or 4 of us in black tie - it'll be fine!

    SA/Cat - as I'll be on the turbo all afternoon doing the bike fit - it may be important for me to re-hydrate before the party, so may join for a cheeky one first! image

  • image

    Couldn't get into the hotel most of you are in so we're in the mercure in redcliffe. Will be happy to meet up early

    Are there any more details on the swimming?
  • the hotel has a small bar, so shall we meet there at 6:30 - 7:00 for a quick one there and then go to Antix and any bar we find on the way?


  • Which hotel SA?
  • Matt: the final confirmation from the coach is still outstanding, but this was the last post on the subject, post code of leisure centre is BS14 0JZ

    ETA: I can fit into my dress trousers, so another +1 for black tie

    Bouncing Barlist wrote (see)

    Swimming Champs should be confirmed tomorrow:

    Subject to confirmation we have 4 lanes from 3pm - 4pm at Hengrove pool (25m), total cost is £46 so thats about a fiver each. 

    Assuming there are 9 of us (which there are) thats 3 lanes for competion & 1 lane for general larking about, warm up, cool down etc.

    100 FC - 3 semi finals (winner goes through) and 1 final
    400 FC - 3 semi finals (winner goes through) and 1 final
    100 IM  - 3 semi finals (winner goes through) and 1 final
    150 FC  Relay (3x50m) - 1 final (3 teams of 3)

    List of interested participants:

    Ferret (who also can't swim fly)
    Soupy (never done fly ever)


  • I'm getting exited and nervous at the same time.just like pre race............image

  • Matt - The Travelodge on Anchor Road I presume?!?!

    Sounds like a plan SA image

    FF - good news on the black tie image

  • I think Barlos was struggling somewhat to confirm a venue for the Swim Champs ... personally I think he is scared of being chicked by a Meldy in the pool !!!

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