** Advanced Warning ** Pirate Christmas Social



  • Yep the Travelodge on Anchor Road and then only a short walk to Antix

     I take it I'm going to look really scruffy next to you lot in your Black tie suits

  • The pool option I was exploring was a no go, so we were left with Hengrove.

    I don't think we've ever had a pirate party black tie do have we?  I must make sure I bring my camera as well as my phone.

  • I seem to recall the Coaches 40th was black tie.  I thought we scrubbed up quite well (although I am remembering this through a bit of an alcoholic haze).

  • Oh no, I was thinking of an adhoc social, not a proper do like a birthday or a wedding where dress codes are appropriate.

    In other news, I have found a pirate party game, it's a variant of 'pin the tail on the donkey', sort of 'pin the eyepatch on the pirate' - shall I bring it along, or are we not fussed?

  • Mrs SAMrs SA ✭✭✭

    Must get some of those gel insert thingies that you put in your shoesimage,  as i too will be barefooted within minutes of getting to the venue!

  • I can confirm that the Swim Champs are taking place and a venue has been sorted and paid for (currently out of Barlos' own pocket).

    Unfortunately, the dream of living the London Life is nothing like reality and he is either v busy with work, absolutely knackered, or without Internet access.

    I shall see if he can pop in here or whether he is happy for me to post an update
  • I would imagine an update would be a good thing for most of us  .....   image

  • He has been nudged but as I said he is a bizzy bee at the moment so it might not be today that he shows his face in here image

  • Is it really that top secret where we are swimming ??     image

  • What? Hengrove?
  • I dont know .. Schmunks is talking in riddles  image

    You said that Hengrove was the option so I assume that is what he has booked but I am not sure why we cant clarify

    Anyway, back to more interesting topics .... I still havent decided what to wear   image

  • Mouse, please bring the game. I think it'll be hilarious after a few drinks.

    So where are we swimming? I need to know so I can decide on transport. Really don't want to drive and would rather let the train take the strain, especially Sunday.

  • Not talking in riddles intentionally

    Barlos is organising, hence why i have asked him to pop in and let people know what's going on. 

    As i am not doing the swimming I am keeping my nose out of it. All I was trying to do was manage expectations of when he will be able to come in here and update people.

  • Cat I think we can assume Hengrove until we get told otherwise   image

  • H'ok. So is anyone driving via central Brizzle to the gala? Mmmmm gala pie......

  • As I was helping organise the swimming I can do the best I can on this. He looked at Hengrove and I was looking at another pool. The other pool didn't come off - so we're booked into Hengrove pool as far as I know. I'm not sure if he got 2-3 or 3-4pm. You can google Hengrove swimming pool and it will take you to the Parkwood Community Leisure website (sorry, on iPad and it doesn't want to play at posting a link.) The postcode is BS14 0JZ. It has a multi storey car park that is free for 3 hrs. I know that bus routes turn around there, so it's busable but you could work together for lift shares. If you want to look up buses, Bristol uses First Bus.

    What else can I help with?

    I'll bring the game. I've also got a few balloons I found.
  • Oh yes ... I might have some black n yeller balloons somewhere

    If I get some free time between looking for dresses then I might find them !!

  • There is no mystery re the swimming, I was just waiting for confirmation from the pool

    Confirmation and arrangements

    I have booked Hengrove Park Leisure Centre Pool (25m), 4 lanes 3pm - 4pm Sat 1st December.

    Hengrove Park Leisure Centre
    Hengrove Park
    The Boulevard
    BS14 0DBs

    It will be up to you to make your own way there, though suggest some of you maybe coordinate with each other to sort out lifts/share taxis, work out the buses etc.

    Can we all aim to meet at reception approx 2.30 & 2.45, at 2.45 ill be heading to get changed.

    Just to reitterate, this is meant to be a laugh and a bit of fun, you dont have to swim or race, nor do any/all of the events.  That said ive paid £45 to hire the pool on the basis of those that expressed an interest.

  • cat..i have no idea at the moment.i have to drive from blaise castle to the pool..........need to look where they are

  • just checked and it looks like i bypass the centre and go around the A4image

  • I'll post another update towards the end of the week but if anyone needs any more info or wants my mobile number so they can coordinate their arrangements please pm me via RW.

    Lastly, anyone who fancies just coming down to support youre more than encouraged to do so.

  • Thanks for sorting Coach. See you there. More the merrier - come on, I'm sure there are more wanting to join in the fun. 

    Mouse - the game sounds a laugh too. imageimage

  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    Oh yes ... I might have some black n yeller balloons somewhere

    If I get some free time between looking for dresses then I might find them !!

    Oh oh oh, think we have some black pirate ones.

    balloons that is, not Meldy's dresses


  • this is my only christmas do that i'm going to so I have beetr meke it a good one image

  • The number 20 bus seems to be the most direct- about 20 mins from Bristol Temple Meads, or alternatively grab a cab. 

  • I may be able to give a couple of people a lift to the pool.
  • I will certianly be swimming.  I'm nt doing enough swim training at the moment so even half a dozen lengths would be an improvement for me

  • I've just had a go at back stroke for the first time in xxx years.  Seems I can't swim in a straight line going backwards - kept crashing into the wall lol. As for fly - well lets just say it resembled more of a drowning fly than a butterfly. I gave up after 2 "strokes". image

    Now for the more important stuff, what shall I wear? Still think I'll be going long and black. 

  • I'm still up for swimming. Can't say I've even tried fly, I think I may drown
  • There is no way I am giving Fly a go ... I shall play my joker   image

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