** Advanced Warning ** Pirate Christmas Social



  • What's the matter Meldy? Afraid of being beaten by Barlos?!image
  • Nope .....  not a chance  image

  • Cluck, cluck cluck!
  • I shall right royally whoop his arse !!

  • Have a great party. Gutted I cant be there.

    Go Meldyimage

  • I'll do fly. Anything for a laugh.

  • In all seriousness, the ease at which I can 'put my back out' I wont be trying Fly either, put it down to old age or whatever but I'll stick to front crawl with a bit of backstroke thrown in

    Muffin ...sorry you wont make the do but I am not sorry you wont be at the PSOF Swim Champs  !!

  • maybe those who are of a certain age with dodgy shoulders and backs.can do the doggie paddle for that length image

  • IronCat5 in the Hat wrote (see)

    I'll do fly. Anything for a laugh.


  • I can fly kick (in fins), but trying to put the top half of the stroke in play somehow switches my legs into breaststroke kick- I'll have another try this evening.

    I think if the IM is to be a balanced race we'll need to handicap the breast and fly refusniks, catch-up drills maybe instead?

    I also think (following up something Coach B said earlier) we may need to tinker with the schedule:

    100m FC: 4 races (3 heats + final) @ 2min/race = 8 mins

    400m FC: 4 races (3 heats + final) @ 8min/race = 32 mins

    100 IM: 4 races @ 4min/race = 16 mins

    150 relay 3mins

    Gives a total of 59 minutes of swimming.  My estimates on time may be a wee bit out, but possibly just do the 400s on a 'best time' basis?

  • I leave you guys for a little while, head back in to wish you all a great drunken mess of a party at the weekend, and what do I see...

    swim stats and race time predictions


    Jeeeezzz image

  • *Have a great drunken mess of a party guys* image image

  • I've been desperately seeking a way that i can coordinate combining this and a family event i have to attend - alus it's just not feasible image (it's not as though there wasn't enough advanced warning! - but family does take priority)

    im gutted to not be there - should be a cracker!

    word of warning - Meldy has been totting up the slights all year - me thinks there may be some retributions in order this weekend! haha

  • Ferret - some of us can't swim 400m in 10 mins, let alone 8 image

  • 8 mins image

    I have already been swimming twice this week in preperation.might go again today....................but I also have my excuse ready for saturday as i will be racing earlier in the afternoon cross country so will not have any energy leftimage

  • Seren - this is the pirates, we don't need any excuses for being bad at swimming, thats what we do.


  • 400m in 8 mins - hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa image


    The Silent Assassin wrote (see)

    Seren - this is the pirates, we don't need any excuses for being bad at swimming, thats what we do.



  • rested my swimming today and did some yoga........will polish up my pullbuoy specially for the event

  • seren nos wrote (see)

    will polish my pullbuoy specially for the event

    Is that a euphemism?


  • LOL  It would be 'pullbuoyo' surely!!

  • Siggy, the Welshers are soooo gonna burn you if you set foot over the borderimage

    Gutted to be missing the swim gala. Hey ho, maybe next time.

  • there re going to be a few welshies there image

  • seren nos wrote (see)

    there re going to be a few welshies there image

    Is it? Tidy!

  • There's lovely, now!

  • Sure there will be tales after this. The Magnificent Severn, Haverford West was won, Dai Hard,

    Wonder if anyone will be Cwmando in the pool.

    I'll get me sheepskin jacket

  • Passes Dusty his stetson to go with his coat!  image

  • I had a dream the other night that we were at the swim gala and I was swimming naked.no one else was........just me.........not sure what that was all aboutimage

  • That would be some trick Seren, maybe you're The Wizard of Oswestry. Boom boom

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