** Advanced Warning ** Pirate Christmas Social



  • Ha ha ha. Thank you, you're all way too kind. I'm not a big drinker but was thinking I may have one tomorrow. Just can't work out what to have. If I have three I will be pissed as a fart and flashing my drawers to all and sundry.
  • By the way, is everybody happy that they know what they're doing and where they're going?
  • I have no idea but am going to read back a little to check image

  • It's at Antix on Park Street. I've told them from 7.30 but am sure they won't complain if you get there sooner.
  • Not sure what time I will be able to get there as I am having a bike fitting hopefully will be there for around KO if not soon after

  • +3 for getting Mouse and Schmunks 3 if they're flashing their draws
  • Says Barley who seems to be after another 'power sh*g'!!
  • Do you have to have signed up for the swim champs? Mrs Matt is now asking about it. Not that she leaves things until the last minute or anything.
  • *bounce*

    Another vote of thanks to Mouse. 

    matt - I think the swimming is just turn up. Barlos sorted it so its not going to be that organised. image

  • Anyone can turn up for the swim champs, you can spectate or swim. I'll finalise the format once I know how many are swimming.

    Something like:

    5 mins warm up

    400m FC seeded time trials, 2 or 3 heats depending on no. Swimmers - est 30 mins?

    100m FC races, 2-3 heats then final - Est 10 mins

    100m IM races Relay, 2-3 heats then final - Est 10 mins

    150 or 200m FC Relay - est 5 mins

    Time will be tight, may have to rejig programme time dependent

    See you at the pool at 2.30

    PS. Im afraid I won't be swimming as have Laryngitis
  • Excellent.

    I reckon I have space for 1 or 2 more for a lift to the pool from Temple Meads station.

    The plan is to leave there at 2. I reckon there's time to get to the pool.
  • Have arrived in Bristol.

    Mousey I'm with you on the low alcohol front. I was going to stay on the water, but I've promised Garr I'll have a couple image
  • Troop, have a great time tonight, sorry i cant be there.

  • Have fun guys. Send Siggy to bed early, he's too old to stay up lateimage

  • Are they back yet?

  • Yes. All tucked up safely in bed image

    Not saying who's bed thoughimage
  • I stayed until after Meldy and the girls left! The music was loud for my sensitive (ageing) ears!

    A good night, glad I made the swimming and this evening!

    Thanks to barley for organising the swimming and Mouse for organising the venue and food!
  • Home snd in pyjamas already ....Mr Funkin thinks he's died and gone to heaven!!
  • Back in the hotel. Was a great night, thanks for organising it mouse. Swim champs were a right laugh, cheers barley.

    It's ace this pirate lark.

    Good to meet a load of new people.
  • If I rub my thighs any more I'm gonna have to log this as training.
  • Tell me they're not pillow fighting?
  • Oh yes. In our negligees with little pink kitten heel shoes.
  • Dirty kebab - done

    Barlos snoring like a goodun - done

    Me stuck in a hotel foyer trying to find the Land Of Nod - done

    Count me out for 2013 - sleep deprivation limit exhausted




  • *CraSHbAngwWAllop*

    Morning all!! Who's ready for a run then hmmm?? Anyone?

    Fab evening... Highlight for me was Cats Gangnam style moves!! What a groover!

    Hope heads aren't too sore this morning! image
  • Morning!

    All is still quiet at the mouse hole.

    Thank you all for coming along. I must say how stunning the men looked this year. I think they almost outshone the women. It was a real privilege to see them all dressed up in their finery.

    I had a lovely evening.
  • Thanks to you Mouse for top organising! The venue was ace and the food was delicious!

    I really enjoyed the PSOF swim champs too. I think they should be an annual event!

    I agree with the boys looking great! Well done lads... Good looking bunch we've got!
  • Thanks Mouse and to all.

    Had a great night and what a really great bunch you all are.

    Looking forward to 2013 and hopefully catching up with some (or all) of you along the way. image
  • Cat does Gangnam? PLEASE tell me someone got a video of it!

  • Cracking night, I know we left at 10:30 but we had been drinking since 1 o'clock
  • It was lovely to meet you too LC. Your dress was lovely. Was that your first time out with the pirate massive? You fitted in perfectly.

    Lovely to see Mr and Mrs SA too. You both were my favourite smelling people of the evening. Your perfume/aftershaves were lush.
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