** Advanced Warning ** Pirate Christmas Social



  • Even 1:30 am was a bit of a push!

    SparklyHope wrote (see)

    That'll be the dancing! Tiring stuff! image

    Cat5 style! Op, Op, Op!

  • Great to see everyone at the weekend, I had a fab evening image

    Pirate Swim Championship results should be up later tonight / tomorrow.

  • /members/images/200439/Gallery/Swim_Times.PNG

    (click on image to enlarge)

    Link to dropbox in case you want to mess around with filters etc.  It is not password protected

  • Fast times (well they seem fast compared to me, anyway) - what's 100m IM? Did you all have to put a wetsuit on with a trisuit underneath, eat lots of porridge beforehand and be really nervous / excited?

  • Btritsky it was fly.then backstroke then breast and then crawlimage.....and i wasn't last image

    with the final 100m.....meldy misheard Barlos and stopped after 50 m for a while before we made her go again image


  • IM = Individual Medley, strokes as per Seren's post above

  • Shame I missed the swim, sounds like it was a good laugh, but had a great night after and good to meet everyone.

    Big thanks to Mouse for organising the evening image.

  • Schmunkee - The List Fairy wrote (see)

    IM = Individual Medley, strokes as per Seren's post above

    Not to be confused with an individual Meldy   image

  • Are results age adjusted? He gave me the impression he did far worse?

    Pics are great. Vine leaves look vile. I thought I was out with the dog for a minute.

    Now there's a thought Meldy!!
  • He did very well Madge ... he just lacks endurance   image

  • how can you slow down 15 seconds from the heat to the final image.that must be age showing 

    Barley missed me out of that race or I could have shown you all how fast i can swim with my boyo between my legs image

  • Yeah and he didnt even have the excuse of a rest half way !!!

  • Meldy sounds like a sore loser to me!image

    Thank you Seren! I was giving the youngsters a chance!! image

    Perhaps you missed it because you were too busy talking Seren!
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