** Advanced Warning ** Pirate Christmas Social



  • Buffet- yes fine with that.

    Would it be possible to divulge the postcode of the venue so I can start looking at nearby hotels/B+B?

    I'll probably be letting the train take the strain so no biking for me on Saturday

  • I will defer that question to my 2IC


  • Happy to house any bikes in my garage overnight, Lil Sis.  Or we could go swimming on Saturday afternoon anyway, there's plenty of 25m pools, it would just have been nice to showcase our new one in full effect.

    We can have more thoughts/discussions nearer the time!

    Sorry FeFe - assuming that people are happy to have the venue with the buffet then we're looking at Park Street, which is BS1.

    Somewhere, I posted a few hotels, possibly page 2?

    So, roll up, roll up please add your names to the list.  It will be fun, promise.

    And we're nice, honest we are.




  • Oh and if you're on the train, you'll want Bristol Temple Meads and not Bristol Parkway, Mr Ferret, sir.

  • I just love it when a plan comes together image

    Thanks Mousey for sorting and let me know when you want the £10's and I will make sure Barley pays you image

  • There is a new Hilton thingy in town that should be cheap. Or we block book a dorm at the Half Moon (I think)?

  • Sounds like there is a lot of exercise and training being planned, and not enough drinking...so I best come along and remedy that image

    SA + Mrs SA
    SuperCaz (tentative
    7755Matt + Mrs
    Iron Pingu

  • Oh no.not sure if I can make it now.........not sure i could cope with a drunken Rafiki again image

  • well there'll be no more Thornton's for you young lady with those kind of remarks image

  • I forgot about the thorntonsimage

    will you be camping it at Bristol image

  • No I won't be 'camping it', I'll be acting all manly!! image

  • Are you gonna bring the bottle dump. Raf?

  • Raf takes a dump in a bottle?!!  image

    Tempted by this, but the hotels are so expensive!  Whatever happened to the £30 rooms from the likes of Premier Inn?!!  Yes, I'm a tight arse!  image

    Pirate swimming gala sound great! 

  • You old enough to get in Siggy?

  • Get in what Dusty?  Saga insurance?  Yup!!  image

  • Sorry, I know it's my birthday but I won't be able to make this image
  • is this thing definitely on??  anything decided on venue??  and if so, I'm assuming central Brizzle???

  • FB- yes, yes and yes.  BS1 is the postcode Mouse gave me for the venue (buffet at 10 GBP pp effectively reserves us a portion of the bar).

  • What's the date on this ?
  • Will - check the title of the thread......image

    bugger - was hoping to book the 'bago onto the Caravan Club site in central Brizzle but the place is fully booked the weekend of this do.   will have to rethink plans.....image

  • Just spoted it image
  • Plenty of lay-bys FB   image

  • FB - this is going to be the dumbest question ever.  Do you have to plug the 'bago in or can you just park it anywhere?  You could always come for weekend outside my house?image

    We have confirmed our booking for a place called Antix on Park Street which is a cafe bar type venue.  We are having a buffet provided but I do need a tenner per head asap.  If you know you're coming, please would you be able to send me a PM (or I'll PM too) and I'll give you my bank details for you to send the tenners to?

    Many thanks



  • Count me in - Mouse, can you PM/text/FB or whatever is easiest your bank details for me? Thanks!

    I shall probably be begging a bed somewhere too - is there a plan?

  • Mouse - it's not important that we plug in just for one night.   when you say park outside - driveway or road??  roads can sometimes cause problems - local by-laws and all that guff.



    Dress code (for the girls obviously)




  • Barley - I see the bromide in your tea still isn't working image

  • Barley, you really don't want to see me dressed like that!

  • I doubt any of us really, SC!

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