** Advanced Warning ** Pirate Christmas Social



  • Me, me, me!!!! I want to go and play but not in a skimpy santa suit.  image

    Mouse - do I send a tenner to you and where to please?   

    I've stayed at Novotel before at Brizzle and its always been quite reasonable for the quality.  Swim sounds good too. Can't wait. 


  • I am excited........image

  • From a quick look at Novotel, Ibis, Hilton and Travelodge - Travelodge seems to be the cheapest

  • Soupy - I'm sending you a PM.

    FB - sadly I have no driveway.  Was trying to think if I know anybody that does but not coming up with anything useful.

    I've had a good response to requests for tenners already, so I think this could be a lovely gathering.  Roll up, roll up for the pirate social.  Find the list and put your name down folks!!!


  • Mouse - no sweat and thanks for the suggestion but it won't work for us.  I'm hoping that the CC site will have a cancellation, otherwise we're not sure if we'll be there.

  • Rafiki wrote (see)

    From a quick look at Novotel, Ibis, Hilton and Travelodge - Travelodge seems to be the cheapest

    Make sure you book the one near College Green!

  • Yep - booked into Travelodge Bristol Central on Anchor Road...200m from venue!

  • Jesus Barley, don't do that, I nearly went off!image

  • OK, I'm in.  I've booked a hotel, and am willing to share the room with the right person image Anyone interested please apply and I will carry out interviews at a later date

  • Ferret
    SA + Mrs SA
    7755Matt + Mrs
    Iron Pingu

  • Hi Caz - which hotel are you booked into, and can I apply for an interview please?. image 

  • Soupy, I've sent you a message

  • Plum has offered to look after me if I pop my name on the list and I am not sure whether to take that as threatening behaviour or not .......is he trying to scare me!!!??!! imageimage

  • Plum hasnt even got his name on the list ... can I presume he is still talking to us then !!!

  • I might put in an appearance.
  • Do you want to sleep with me dear?

  • So many things to say, so little chance of survival if I do...
  • my thoughts entirely Symes...

  • SyM.es wrote (see)
    So many things to say, so little chance of survival if I do...


    fat buddha wrote (see)

    my thoughts entirely Symes...

    One of you will keep ....  the other is already preserved

  • Do I get SAGA rates anywhere if my Zimmer can make it down the M whatever..... Looks doubtful but.......

  • Whats wrong with your cardboard box?

  • Old and incontinent.

    Poor Plum.


  • Dont give him any sympathy   image

  • Sorry, a nag from me.

    Most people should be being paid this week, Friday at the latest.  It would be really fab if I could get a few more tenners in and I can go and confirm our booking at the weekend.

    Please would people PM me for my bank details.  From next week I'll start working my way down the list.

    It should be really quite nice. They've reserved us a space at the back of the bar, and we'll have the buffet along one side and seating elsewhere.  They will then clear the food so that we have a bit more space to chat. 

    The pirate Christmas dos have always been fabulous affairs.  A lot of us do know each other and banter online but we are also very welcoming and I know I enjoyed meeitng new faces last year.


  • I'll second what Mouse says about encouraging anyone to come along.  Would be great to meet some new people who are maybe entering races next year or thinking of doing a Tri.  Please feel welcome to join us.

  • Yeah, how can we support you at next years races if we don't know who you are building image
  • Done. Now I just need to blag being down there for wrok around the same time so they pay for my hotelimage

  • Mouse Paid

    Hotel Booked

    Train tickets purchased


  • Ah...need to sort the train. Mouse booked and hotel paid for.

    Is there a plan for swimming?

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