Plank challenge



  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭

    Stand with your left shoulder (and left side of your body) against the wall (your abdomum (sic) is at right angles to the wall)

    Lift your left leg off the floor by bending it back at the knee. You're now standing on your right leg only propped against the wall

    Bend your left leg at the knee, your now in a propped up running pose.

    Push your left hip against the wall and take the reaction of this force on your right leg,

    Two minutes later, grit your teeth....and three minutes later wipe the tears from your eyes

    Repeat facing in the other direction.....teeth gritting and tear wiping will still apply.
  • 3 minutes standard plank, 3 minutes reverse plank, I'd forgotten how tough that was! 

  • Think I need photos Tom ... if I bend my left knee any more my nose will be on the floor  image

  • 101 seconds - practice required! Was doing the plank shake after about 20 seconds!
  • 4 minutes until complete failure, yeah. Now for a lay down image

    Remember to warm up before trying it!

  • 2 minutes 11 seconds.

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    M..el;dy ...sorry my browser is Safari which sever ely limits my capabilities on RW. so nophotos, clever editing or web links...again sorry

  • image

    I shall have to walk to the wall with my laptop and read it at the same time ... and no there will not be photos    image

  • I got to 64 seconds when my boyfriend brought the dinner in so I had to stop. At that point was wondering how much longer I could force myself to hold it! Abs still hurt an hour later. Might leave it til tomorrow then try to beat it.

  • Okay, how many one legged squats can you do (my current best is 10 on each leg)?

    Can anyone do the planche (I can't)?
  • I could do planche when I was about 7.....does that count? image

  • What's planche?

    My aspiration since watching the olympics is to be able to do the "seat" in between 2 chairs.

    Awesome party trick to get the girls excitedimage

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    3 minutes just done - wasn't nice - could probably have gone on if you'd stuck a gun to my head but 3 was enough.    

    Used to do them regularly but stretching and core work seemed to go out of the window when I stopped running regularly - think it's because you come in from a run, collapse on the floor and think I may as well do something while I'm down here.

  • 2 mins 5 secs this morning - 24 secs better than yesterday.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    A fwe years ago I could manage 3 minutes but I think 1 minute would be good for now. I'll give it a go tomorrow morning and let you know!


     A planche. 


  • I just tried one of these (a variation of the planche) because it looked easier.

    Not having one of those wooden things, I tried it between two dining room chairs. I did get off the ground, but did a weird swingy thing and landed on the floor image

  • sarah the bookworm wrote (see)

     A planche. 


    image image 

  • I also tried a 'seat', which I discovered I can almost do! I could get my legs out completely straight though, but it's something to work on image

  • I did the plank for 2 minutes out of sheer stubborness (was shaking after 20 seconds!) came back on here and saw the planche nd thought, how?!?

  • I think I might still be able to do a seat but haven't tried in years. I won't try now as there is a chap in my office, but will report back later image

    I used to able to do an elephant roll when I was a kid....but not a cat in hell's chance now image

  • I have no idea what an elephant roll is? 

    *goes off to google*

  • Try goggling 'elephant lift' not roll


     I'll try that, because elephant roll came up with this! image

  • This is me reporting back on RW straight after my plank attempt...



  • Isn't an elephant lift a handstand?

  • l think the guy doing the planche is Dyanmo the magician.

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