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  • Interesting... a few years ago there was a website called and they had an "urge" or challenge for the plank and who could do it the longest...

    At the time someone called "Plank Girl" held the record at around fourteen minutes. Anyhow I took up the urge and got into training - in the end managed 14 minutes myself. God knows how I did it - I certainly couldn't do it now...

    I checked before I wrote this and Competitive urge has now become KonKura and surprise, surprise they have a plank challenge - and believe it or not PlankGirl holds the record and is well out in the lead with an almost unbelievable 40min 01second!!

    Here is a link to her doing it

    And by the way I too have video evidence of my fourteen minutes captured for posterity on YouTube - but frankly with PlankGirl's 40mins it's a bit irrelevant isn't it!

  • WOW! Just loving the irritating girl in the background - 40 minutes plank , 40 minutes!

    It's like watching the adverts the 10 o' clock news and the weather and the next adverts - at the moment I'm still trying to work up to the adverts!

    Great site too - might try some of the other ones too!

  • I know I started this, but still - why the hell would you want to hold a plank for 40 minutes?! A) that must be quite boring, and B) if I had abs that strong I'd be busy sewing myself a lycra costume, complete with cape, and taking to the streets as Abs of Steel Girl.

  • Joining in the fun, managed 56 seconds on the weekend.


    the planks too easy, i'm doing this now..




  • Okay that last post has probably killed this thread - anyone proud of being able to plank for over 2 mins is now completely demoralised - that guys abs are unreal - total control over his body - amazing.

    Anyway I'm going to keep reporting my efforts because I'm finding it motivational so 2 mins 35 secs front and 1 min 35 secs back this morning - so an improvement of 54 secs in 6 days - the 2:35 is my best effort ever. If I continue at that rate of improvement then by Christmas I'll be second to Plankgirl on the all time list!image

  • Pfft. That guy's just showing off. I could do that if I wanted to... image

    Well done Skinny! Impressive improvement! image

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    I've started planking again at the end of my core session, back up to 2.5 mins, BUT my new target is reps on bicycle crunch.  Managed 100 today.  image

    (This isn't me, it's just for reference...)
  • Phil this exercise is the most evil known to man. Or woman. 100 is epic.

  • Are you quite sure that's not you Phil?  image

  • I've never bothered counting them before - I'll report back on my attempt later image

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    That's on each leg BTW, although I do rattle through them a bit quicker than her, more like an actual cycling action, less twisting of the trunk, and I stop when form starts getting a bit ragged.

    ...just checked again.  No, that's definitely not me. I've got sideburns. image

  • Sideburns? Good to know that's the key distinguishing feature image

    So is that 100 on each leg?!

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭


  • I managed 40 - total image

    Better luck tomorrow!

  • 50 secs.

    10 secs both feet on ground

    Then one leg up hold for 10 secs

    Then put that leg down and hold position for 10 secs with both feet on ground.

    Then raise the other leg up hold for 10 secs.

    Then put that leg down and hold position again for 10 secs

    30 secs rest then repeat.

    I do them as part of my pre-run strength excersises.

    I really should do the side plank as well but I find it almost impossible at the moment to raise my left leg in that position. My left side is by far my weakest.

  • Stephen - best way to solve that is to start by only doing side planks on the weak side. Once that's built up to as strong as the otherside, then do both sides. 

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Yeah, I think symmetry's a good principle with core strength.  After all, if it helps with running form like it's supposed to, then you want to correct any imbalances.

  • Like two and a half minutes? but that was like acontest so no one wanted to give up!

  • I think side crunches are easier than side planks, so maybe start with those to build up strength?

    I am pleased to report that my midriff appears more toned than it was before I started this nonsense image

  • sarah the bookworm wrote (see)

    I am pleased to report that my midriff appears more toned than it was before I started this nonsense image


  • Answer to thread title -

    not very image

  • Decided to dust off my Wii Fit board and have a go at this last night. With encouragement from sexy trainer lady* I managed 71 seconds. My record is 137 seconds, that was from a couple of years ago when I was doing it regularly.




  • Is that the sexy trainer lady? She needs a better sports bra...  image

  • I can do a static plank for 5mins but why would you? Major increase in blood pressure levels. There's better ways of working your core intensively in my opinion image 

  • Woo hoo....I've gone up from 30 to 50 seconds. Go me image
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Actually now I remember why I gave up doing 4/5 minute planks.  Bursitis of the elbow.  Not necessarily caused directly by it but could have been a contributory factor; bacteria-carrying gym mats + additional sustained pressure =  Oooww!


  • I want a piece of this planking malarky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! image

  • Does the sexy trainer lady also monitor whether you are holding the correct position? That would be useful - my coach balances a broom handle across my back to stop me sticking my bum out or letting it drop when I'm fatiguing.

  • Woohoo Saffy! Progress with planks seems to be quick - they are very effective!

    Phil image Bloody hell! That looks sore! It's also one of the strangest photo angles I've ever seen. Will it take long to recover?

    lmk87 - join us!


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