Grafham Olympic/Grafman Half-iron, 12 August 2012

I did an Olympic-distance triathlon relay at the weekend in Grafham and really enjoyed it. They were nice people who did a good job of organising and the weather was lovely.


I was in what appeared to be the only all-female relay team doing the Olympic distance there (there was also a "Grafman" half-iron option, but that distance wouldn't have been the best choice for a first triathlon). I got my left foot stuck in the sand during warm-up - oops! - and it got cramp six strokes into the first leg. Unsurprisingly, nearly everyone passed me, but I picked up a bit of speed in the last leg-and-a-half (after sorting out the cramp) and passed a few people. I got the somewhat disappointing time of 41 minutes for my 1.5 km swim, but at least I can see where I need to improve next time.


My team-mates, despite being fellow triathlon rookies, fared rather better and we finished in a total time of just over 3 hours. 5th (and last) out of the relay teams, but that can be worked on. We were 120th out of an entry of 151, and I'm mostly just proud that my team-mates and I managed to finish. 


Did anyone else on here go to Grafham, and if so, how did the event go for them?


  • Congrats on your race! Sounds like you and your teammates had a good time and enjoyed your first triathlon image

    I did the olympic distance on my own (rather than as a relay) and it was a great race. I thought the course was scenic and not too hilly, and the lake was lovely to swim in. The organisation was superb and the marshalls were friendly and helpful -there was even a woman walking around with an 'Ask me questions' sign. I thought starting the half-ironman distance just ahead of the olympic distance was a nice touch, as it meant we were all on the bike and run course at the same time. As I'm normally towards the back of the pack, it was nice not to feel left behind!

    I did NiceTri's olympic distance race in St Neots last year, and again I was really impressed with the whole event. I chose the race at Grafham Water this year simply because the date fitted better with the Vitruvian next month. Although a different course from last year, the races are quite comparable, and I'm pleased that I managed to improve on each part. Overall I was 33 minutes faster than last year, although I measured the bike course as being a bit short this year (36km rather than 40km).

    I'm not a member of NiceTri (I'm not even local) but would definitely recommend their events, particularly for someone looking for a beginner-friendly race.

    So what's next for you PerpetualC, any more races this year?

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  • The original idea was to go to Monaco for its triathlon in September 2nd, but the plans for that fell through. So it looks like the focus is switching to next year. While Monaco is the focus point, I will want to do some UK-based triathlon relays, aquathlon relays and open-water races to prepare. I would certainly consider going to Grafham again. Rother Valley (South Yorkshire) is pretty local to me and also looks interesting, though I will need to check how both fit into my eventual schedule - among other things, I also do pool swimming galas.

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