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am currently using merrell trail glove, but they do not have super grip when its really muddy. Was thinking of trying the Inov8 baregrip as an alternative in the trail barefoot shoe category due to a recent write up i read, but wondered if anyone has actually tried any and what your opinion was? lots of money to spend out if they dont suit a wide foot barefoot/minimalist runner image


  • WiBWiB ✭✭✭

    MM - I have a pair, they are great shoes. Very comfortable and I have wide feet as well. I have not found a shoe that has superceeded it with regards to grip in muddy conditions. It is also a zero drop shoe with no midsole so should suit your minimalist/barefoot target.

  • thanks WIB! most helpful. image

  • Hi MM

    I've been using these for almost a year now and they are absolutely fantastic IN THE RIGHT CONDITIONS. The trail surface is key though. If its soft underfoot, grassy, claggy, muddy, or on fells where comfort is second to grip these shoes are second to none. Don't expect to enjoy the road sections joking the trails though as you'll feel every lug of the very aggressive sole pressing through the sole.

    I've actually found NB110's to be surprisingly good as an intermediate shoe, also better than expected in the clag.

    I had to go a size up in the baregrips in comparison to my previous Inov8 shoes mind you so it may be worth popping to a shop.
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  • I use them and love them. They are brilliant in muddy conditions used them instead of my cross country spikes last session and at no stage did I miss the spikes.

    I have used them on an off road marathons and an ultra marathon with a mix or surfaces (from ankle deep mud to tarmac) and didn't regret my shoe choice.

  • thanks guys, very helpful! i was thinking of getting them from wiggle anyway and they have a great returns policy, so should be able to change sizes if i get the wrong one.

    i dont tend to run trails that have much in the way of  tarmac sections so hopefully they wil lbe fine!

  • I use Inov-8, but not those.

    Just waiting for the new MudClaw 300's to become available, as my MC 330;s are jiggered

  • How did you get on with these? I've had less than 50 miles before the uppers fell apart due to the lack of robustness of the mesh material and the absasivness of the black covering.
  • I had that issue with a pair. Sent the photos to Inov-8 and they sent a replacement pair.
  • James Joy wrote (see)
    I had that issue with a pair. Sent the photos to Inov-8 and they sent a replacement pair.

    Really?  The mesh on my Mudclaws are strting to fray where it joins the rand. Only 6 months old, so it's a shame as the soles are still perfect. Bought them from Amazon though for a good discount.

    These are very comfortable shoesby the way for off-road running and can cope with short distances of harder surface.

  • Yes, just emailed them to ask if this was a know issue and sent them a link to some photos. They came back asked for a few details and sent a replacement pair.


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